You could have 20/20 vision if you can spot the brave rat hiding among the cats in just 14 seconds

YOU could have 20/20 vision if you could spot a brave rat hiding among cats in just 14 seconds.

This colorful cartoon will boggle your mind as you try to identify the creature out of place.


If you look closely, there is a rat lurking somewhere in this picture:

The puzzle will surely make you scratch your head as you try to run your eyes over all the cats in the photo.

But while you’re trying to beat time, keep in mind that the bright colors shown in the image serve to distract you.

The image shows a series of black cats of all shapes and sizes, lying scattered across a green background.

But there is only one rat lurking in the picture – just waiting to be spotted.

Don’t let the vivid scenes hypnotize your eyes though, as you’ll need razor-sharp vision to complete the challenge.

Optical illusions are becoming a popular method of solving puzzles in everyday activities that test not only your brain power, but also your eyesight.

So, have you spotted a rat yet?

Don’t worry if you are struggling because we have a solution below.

If you’re still having trouble locating a lone rat among the kittens, we can give you some advice.

To catch the cheeky rat, look towards the lower left side of the picture.

The culprit is a small black rat located exactly in the corner of the frame.

A rat can be seen hiding with its tail wrapped around its body.

But if this optical illusion was too hard – or too easy – for you, then why not try these fun games?

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If you can spot a dog hidden in this cornfield in 23 seconds or less, you probably have 20/20 vision.

You only have 16 seconds to spot the adorable trickster in this tricky optical illusion.

And the face you notice first in this stunning optical illusion could reveal a lot about you.

A rat can be seen in the lower left corner


A rat can be seen in the lower left cornerCredit:

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