You could have a top IQ if you can spot what’s wrong in this picture of dice in five seconds

YOU might have a superior IQ if you can spot what’s wrong with this bunch of dice in five seconds.

This clever brain teaser went viral on social media and left gamers scratching their heads.


Find the oddity in this image of dice Credit: Unknown, transparent with image table

There are about 43 cubes in this image, but there is an anomaly between them.

All other dice take a regular shape and each face has dots representing the number one through six.

However, a die has seven points.

Test your IQ and see if you can spot it in five seconds.

You can see?

If you haven’t, don’t worry, The Sun Online has the answers for you in the image below.

The red circle is the place where the bad matrix can be found.

It’s in the bottom row, and you can see the four cubes on the left side of the illustration.

With a lot of practice, riddles can improve people’s general intelligence and sharpen their mental awareness.

In this perplexing optical illusion, a dog sits almost hidden from view, and puzzle lovers are left baffled trying to spot it.

Can you also find the correct spelled word in this puzzle?

Meanwhile, the people were also challenged to find a small finch in a land full of rocks.

Surrounded in red is a wrong cube


Circled in red is the wrong matrix Credits: Unknown, clear with image table

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