You could have eyes as sharp as a hawk’s if you can spot the frog in the forest in five seconds

IF you can see the tiny frog in this mind-blowing optical illusion in less than five seconds, then you must have the eyes of an eagle.

A green frog is said to be hiding somewhere in the image, and only those with eagle eyes will be able to locate it.

Can you find where the frog is sitting? Credit: BrightSide

The puzzling image was published by Pipa News and challenged people to examine the photo to find the frog enjoying a day in the woods.

But only eagle-eyed players will succeed, because it is almost impossible to detect it in record time.

Viewers struggling to find the frog should turn their attention to the right side of the amazing puzzle.

After scanning the image up and down, you should be able to see the creature.

Please scroll to the bottom of the answer.

It comes when the bingo company, PlayOJO, has created an airport-themed brain teaser for you to test your eyesight and patience.

The bustling scene at the airport is full of people trying to leave the country and return to their homes.

But there’s one person who should already be on the plane, but isn’t.

That could be a tall order with hundreds of people waiting to make the trip again.

But if you can find it in less than a minute, you could be in the top 24%.

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If you still can’t find it and beat 76% of people finding it in less than a minute.

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British ceramics company, Portmeirion, have created a picnic-themed puzzle for you to test your seek-and-find skills.

On a traditional gingham blanket, you’ll find an assortment of picnic must-haves, including baskets, burgers, bread, fruit, cheese, and plates.

But there is an article that does not go with the others.

Be honest: did you find it in less than five seconds?Be honest: did you find it in less than five seconds? Credit: BrightSide

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