You have 20/20 vision if you can spot all 10 differences in the living room illusion in a minute

EAGLE-EED players honed their skills and put their 20/20 vision to the test in this puzzle.

The challenge is to find the 10 differences in the living room illusion.


You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the differences between two images in just one minute Credit: Hiatt Hardware

If that wasn’t enough of a task, the difficulty is further increased as you only have one minute to complete the mission.

This fun brain teaser is courtesy of Hiatt Hardware.

It certainly sets the gears in motion in your brain and will also challenge your critical thinking skills.

The upper living room has a loft apartment feel, with all the clean lines and modern furniture.

But you have to study the image carefully to find those hidden clues.

They are hidden almost in plain sight, but can be easily missed if you don’t pay enough attention.

Set your timer and take a look and see how many differences you can find.

How many were you able to spot within the time frame?

You’ll need to work quickly and thoroughly while navigating this fun living room.

If you can’t find them all, don’t worry because the answers below are circled in red.

After completing this test, there will be plenty more if you want to give your gray matter a decent challenge.

They did some home themed puzzles, like the fun ones about 10 hidden frogs and six animals hidden in the garden.

Here's the answer if you're running out of time


Here’s the answer if you’re running out of timeCredit: Hiatt Hardware

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