You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the dog in the living room in under 10 seconds

THIS stunning optical illusion can test whether you have 20/20 vision.

A tricky brain teaser challenges you to spot a dog in the living room in less than ten seconds.


Can you spot the dog hiding in this living room? Credit: Fresherslive

The colorful painting shows a man standing in a busy living room, anxiously looking for his dog, who is ready to take him for a walk.

Can you help him find it?

The clever puppy decided to hide somewhere in the room.

Pay special attention because the living room has many things – sofas, coffee table, plants, toys and fireplace.

The walls of the living room are also occupied with this optical illusion shared by Jargan Josh

The challenge is to find the dog as fast as you can – ideally in less than ten seconds.

A useful tip is to look for patterns that might resemble a dog.

Try to look for distinctive features such as his ears or face.

If you still can’t spot the puppy, you can find a solution below.

The dog managed to camouflage itself in the carpet.

If you need another optical illusion to test your eyesight, check out this picture of a cat hiding in the backyard – can you see it?

In this puzzle you have to calculate the number of circles within 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, this fascinating optical illusion contains a secret image that could reveal a lot about your personality.

A man cannot see his pet that is drowned in the carpet


A man cannot see his pet that is embedded in the carpet. Credit: Fresherslive

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