You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the skateboard hidden in the messy garage in under 10 seconds

YOU can check if you have 20/20 vision with this puzzling optical illusion.

All you have to do is spot the hidden skateboard somewhere in this messy garage – in less than ten seconds.


Can you spot a skateboard in a messy garage? Credits: BRIGHT SIDE

The colorful picture shows a crowded garage with a car parked under a blind.

The purple room is filled with cardboard boxes, buckets, and even a pair of tires.

And somewhere in this messy picture, shared by Jargan Josh, is a skateboard.

Only 7% of people can spot it in less than ten seconds – can you see it?

If you are still struggling to find a skateboard, you can find the solution below.

Try to focus on the details and look towards the right side of the picture.

The skateboard was hidden next to a cardboard box on the floor.

If you need another optical illusion to test your eyesight, you can try to spot a dog in the living room in less than ten seconds.

The clever puppy decided to hide somewhere in the room.

Although this fascinating optical illusion reveals how indecisive you really are – it all depends on what you see first.

The black-and-white image shows the profile of a shouting man’s face, as well as an outstretched arm and fist – but what did you see first?

And if you can spot a cat hiding in the yard in this optical illusion, your eyesight must be perfect.

The skateboard was hidden next to the cardboard box


The skateboard was hidden next to a cardboard box Credit: BRIGHT SIDE

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