You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the venomous snake in the pile of leaves – as expert warns to always wear shoes

YOU have excellent eyesight if you were able to spot this poisonous snake in a pile of leaves.

This vision quest is an almost impossible task.


TikTok user Louisiana Snake ID found a snake in this pile of leaves Credit: TikTok/louisianasnakeid

This slippery reptile is so well camouflaged that it could miss you even up close.

That’s why this expert advised wearing shoes if you walk on and around fallen leaves — that’s the kind of environment these creatures like best.

Give yourself credit if you manage to find a viper in a pile of fallen vegetation.

But don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail.

Nature gave this snake the perfect markings to blend seamlessly into its background.

All the more reason to listen to the experts’ warnings and be sure to wear sturdy shoes.

The post came from Louisianasnakeid (@louisianasnakeid), “a snake identification and education site, sharing our love of snakes.”

In the video, he showed the typical favored environment for this slippery customer.

“I just want to show you why it’s always good to wear proper footwear and watch your step when you’re walking around, especially when you’re in the leaves,” he said.

“I just want to show you now that there is a poisonous snake in the frame.”

But to the untrained eye there was nothing to see.

“Show you how good this camouflage really is,” he said as the camera zoomed in.

“Do you see now people? What a beautiful snake this is. Here is one of the seven most poisonous species in Louisiana.

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“This is a venomous Eastern Copperhead,” he revealed.

Anyone living in the Eastern North should pay attention as this species is common in the forests there.

“Snakes never want to bite anyone, but bites happen accidentally when someone gets close to them,” said a snake expert.

His disguise, however, made him an incredibly difficult task to spot in this quest.

One commenter said it would be too late for her: “Even if the video froze, I still couldn’t find it. But I always die in this movie!”

He was very well camouflaged


It was very well camouflaged Credit: TikTok/louisianasnakeidThis snake seamlessly blends into the background


This snake blends seamlessly into its backgroundCredit: TikTok/louisianasnakeid

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