You have a top IQ if you can see how many triangles are in this mind-bending optical illusion

BRAIN fans were baffled by this terrifying optical illusion.

Puzzles were challenged to count how many triangles were hidden in a picture, but it’s harder than you think.


Can you count all the triangles in this picture? Credit: Reddit – @ShonitB

Triangles of all different shapes are hidden inside parallel lines.

But most people find it difficult to point them all out.

If he can, it may mean he has a high IQ.

Can you count how many triangles there are?

If you find it difficult, note that each set of three lines is parallel to the other.

If you split the image in half horizontally, it is mirrored, which means the top half has the same number of triangles as the bottom half.

To make it easier, the puzzlers can count a set and double it to find the answer.

With 11 in each half, there are a total of 22 triangles in the image.

Meanwhile, the puzzles test your eyesight trying to find the fake scoop of ice cream in this picture.

In another puzzle, a dog sits almost hidden from view, and puzzle fans are left baffled as they try to spot it.

And the riddles were invited to find a small finch on the ground strewn with stones.

Yolanda Bogert, 42, shared a photo of the George finch on social media, baffling hundreds of users who were confused about its location.

For more cryptic puzzles, this brain teaser challenges you to find the mistake in the picture.

Another challenge to find the fake word hidden in this optical illusion in five seconds.

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Can you also find the correct spelled word in this optical illusion?

And this photo shows a camouflaged snow leopard hiding in plain sight. You can see it?

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