You have eagle eyes if you can spot the cat hidden in the backyard scene

EVERY cat owner knows that their furry friend can be an amazing escape artist.

The backyard scene image contains a hidden cat, but can you see where the cat is?


Hidden in this garden scene is a cat Credit:

The garden photo was taken from a high platform or balcony, which makes sense since cats are notorious for landing on their feet.

To the left of the image are some small trees and stumps, while the rest of the garden is covered in bushes.

The plants appear to be part of the orchard, as brightly colored fruits can be seen everywhere.

Scan the scene in the garden to see if you can find the crafty cat.

Word of advice: the type of cat you’re looking for is known to be lucky.

If you still have a hard time finding the naughty cat, look at the center of the image.

Amongst the plants and stumps, towards the left of the photo, you may be able to make out a series of white eyes staring back at you.

The black cat is barely visible as it sits in the bushes, its tail trailing behind it.

If you want to find another sneaky cat, try to locate the cat in a garbage heap.

And if you’re more of a dog lover, try to find a camouflaged dog in this kitchen scene.

A cat can be seen in the middle of the bushes.


The cat can be seen in the middle of the bushes Credit: Splitpics.ukThe cat's eyes can be seen looking at the photographer.


The cat’s eyes can be seen looking at the photographerCredit:

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