You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the dog hiding in this snowy scene in less than five seconds

AT FIRST glance, this photo appears to show little more than snow and trees.

But almost hidden from view is a dog so well camouflaged that the puzzlers struggle to spot it.

Can you see the dog in less than five seconds?


Can you see the dog in less than five seconds? Credit: reddit

The snowy images were shared on Reddit with the caption “find the pup.”

But puzzle fans were confused and couldn’t spot the dog.

One user commented: “Brother where.”

Another replied: “Yeah, he’s got a nice place to hide lol.”

A confusing photo shows a seemingly simple scene, but a dog is hiding in plain sight.

If you can spot a canine in five seconds, you might have the eyes of a hawk.

But for those who struggle, try looking towards the center of the photo where the snow and trees meet.

Please scroll to the bottom of the answer.

Meanwhile, the riddles were challenged to find a small finch in a rock-strewn patch of ground.

Yolanda Bogert, 42, shared a photo of the George finch on social media, baffling hundreds of users who were confused about its location.

For more cryptic puzzles, this brain teaser challenges you to find the mistake in the picture.

Another challenge to find the fake word hidden in this optical illusion in five seconds.

Can you also find the correct spelled word in this optical illusion?

And this photo shows a camouflaged snow leopard hiding in plain sight. You can see it?

Kus can be seen near the center of the photo.


The dog can be seen near the center of the photoCredit: Reddit

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