You have the eyes of a real hunter if you spot the deer in 10 seconds

READERS will need the eyes of a true hunter to spot a deer hiding in the wild in less than 10 seconds.

The short clip was posted on TikTok and quickly attracted viewers.


TikTok users were challenged to spot a deer in this nighttime camera footage Credit: Tiktok/@american_sportsman_tv

Night camera footage shows two cheeky raccoons nibbling on food in close-up.

However, users were challenged to spot the deer, which blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

A voiceover says, “Only professional hunters can spot a deer.”

The clip received more than 1,000 likes and 100 comments as frustrated viewers reacted online.

“I can’t see honey but I can see two raccoons,” one wrote.

“No deer,” states another.

A cheeky third said: “Found in 1.5 seconds and I have never hunted animals.”

As a fourth, he added: “Easy, give us a harder one.”

Viewers struggling to find the deer should focus on the left side of the video near the brush.

You can scroll to the bottom to see the answer.

TikTok users were previously confused about the whereabouts of another deer, hidden in a beautiful forest.

The 12-second clip shows a stunning landscape of grass and trees before cutting to where the deer is hiding.

As the camera zooms in, eagle-eyed observers are led to a small patch of land with branches sticking out of the surrounding trees.

But can you spot a deer peeking out of the tall grass and relaxing in the shade?

Meanwhile, users were also treated to a sneaky, perfectly camouflaged cheetah stalking its prey.

Wildlife photographer Richard Costin (40) captured the unusual animal ambush on camera after following the big cat for several days.

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He followed the swift predator, hoping to observe its hunting techniques.

The curious deer is ringed in red.


The curious deer is ringed in red Credits: Tiktok/@american_sportsman_tv

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