Young Sheldon Shows What His Big Bang Theory Season 13 Story Could’ve Been

warning! Pre-reveal for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 15.

Young Sheldon Part 6 introduces Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory What the story of season 13 might look like. The Big Bang Theory When it announced its end 12 years later, it was still the CBS ratings champion. Although this network wants to order at least one more season The Big Bang TheoryJim Parsons’ decision to withdraw finally marked its end. The Big Bang Theory Still, likely to produce one of the most satisfying performances for Gangs of Pasadena, interest in the show persists, and a future revival is inevitable.

Four years later The Big Bang Theory It’s over, and its legacy lives on Young Sheldon. As Sheldon’s origin story, it recounts his time living with his family in Medford, Texas. Indeed, Young Sheldon create a lot TBBT Draws holes, but it also provides long-awaited explanations for some of Sheldon’s strangest things. Sometimes, Young Sheldon Also gives an idea of ​​what his future will look like The Big Bang Theory Continuing beyond season 12.

A glimpse of a young Sheldon as a father

before the end of the year The Big Bang TheoryShelton has achieved his lifelong dream of winning the Nobel Prize in Physics. It’s a natural place to leave a character, but thanks to adult narration Young Sheldonand later determined that his life only got better after the flagship series ended, as he went on to have children with Amy. Being a father can be Sheldon’s part The Big Bang Theory Season 12, while that didn’t materialize, Young Sheldon Season 6 confirmed, perhaps surprisingly, that he would make a great dad.

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In “Teen Anxiety and the Bright Boy’s Road to Shame,” Mandy and the other Coopers deal with the real-world consequences of having a newborn in the family. Despite the help of Mary and Meemaw, it is clear that Constance’s mother is struggling with her baby. Unexpectedly, however, when Sheldon spent time with her granddaughter Young Sheldon In Season 6, he can easily soothe her by singing “Soft Kitty”. Young Sheldon This moment shows that although Sheldon is notoriously socially inept and emotionally flawed, he is very good with children. He may not realize it, but even Mandy is amazed at Sheldon’s ability to take care of little Constance.

Why Sheldon was nice to Constance Jr.

Mandy and Georgie surprise Constance in Young Sheldon

In spite of Young Sheldon At this point, perhaps it would have been better without Sheldon, who remains its central character. Instead of isolating Sheldon with his story based on East Texas Tech, he has more interactions with his family. Because he hardly ever gets involved with babies, even in Young Sheldon And The Big Bang TheoryThere is no narrative explanation as to why Sheldon treated baby Constance professionally.

That said, it may be a trait Sheldon inherited from his mother, Mary, who talks about having an easy time treating her niece. Since Sheldon exhibits some of his mother’s worst traits, it makes sense that he also inherited some of her mother’s best traits. Young Sheldon. Why is Sheldon being so gentle with the kids The Big Bang Theory Season 13.

Young Sheldon Season 6 airs every Thursday on CBS.

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