15 Of Disney’s Best Animated Moms

The beauty of Disney movies is that they can appeal to almost anyone. Most have positive messages, such as social commentary in movies Zootopia, regardless of the bumps in the road that the characters face, the story is always inspiring. Helping some of these characters along their journey are their powerful Disney moms.

While Disney is famous for giving its characters a single (or fatherless) parent, these cartoon moms have moved fans’ hearts for years and become heroes. in their own way. From saving kids to saving the world – Disney knows how to create iconic animated moms.

Updated by Lynn Gibbs on August 28, 2021: Disney’s Magic World knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to creating lovable characters that audiences can learn and grow with. Most of Disney’s best characters are animated, and a small percentage of them are mothers. Whether those fierce mothers are dalmatians, lions, or superheroes, Disney’s best moms are the ones who will do anything for those around them and never ask for anything. reply. These characters are selfless, energetic, and some of the best moms in the Disney world.

The Superman Family: Helen Parr

Although Helen Parr is also known as Elastigirl – because she amazing people– Her most productive role is arguably the role of mother. As a mother of three, Helen has a lot to do, chasing them down and dealing with a whole secret identity.

As a humble superhero, Helen tries to adjust her children to the normalcy of the human world. Due to the difficulties of puberty, she acts harder than she realizes, and her husband isn’t ready to stop being a superhero, but Helen Parr holds strong in the life unfolding around her. and always adapt to many bizarre questions. .

Noble: Duchess

The Duchess licks her feet in the Aristocats . scene

The Duchess and her three kittens live a privileged life in Paris, raised by a wealthy elderly woman in the heart of Paris. Noble…until their housekeeper gets jealous of them and tries to get rid of them. Seeing a cat separated from its owner is by far one of the saddest moments in the movie.

Lost in the streets of Paris with her three kittens, the Duchess is doing everything she can to bring her and her children home. She befriends a feral cat who can protect them during the trip, and she makes sure her kittens come first. The Duchess is the ultimate protector.

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Beauty and the Beast: Mrs. Potts

Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast

Belle has no mother, But there is one mother throughout the cartoon – Mrs. Potts. Mrs. Potts is a teapot and one of the most lovable characters in the movie beauty and the BeastShe is the mother of the child (a cup of tea) Kip, and she not only takes care of the child but also does everything for the beast.

Not only that, she brought Belle into their castle as if it were her own. Mrs. Potts doesn’t just do her job or her hospitality. She’s a mom who does what moms do best – taking care of those around her.

Brave: Queen Eleanor

Pixar Brave's Merida and Eleanor chat softly

Merida is the main character of Disney brave, but her mother, Queen Eleanor, was no less. As an only child, she wanted Merida to follow orders, marry, and fend for herself—but Merida had other plans. As queen, Eleanor was seen as overbearing towards Merida, but not out of hatred but out of love.

A mother of four, Eleanor assumes most of the important political roles thanks to her strong, calm demeanor as well as her patience and understanding of her daughters.

Inside Out: Jill Anderson

Riley's mom talks about her first date on Inside Out

reverse Shows the world from the perspective of a little girl named Riley. The film plays out in Riley’s head through her emotional actions as the main character. While fans love joy, sadness, anger and fear, Riley’s mother deserves a standing ovation.

When Riley is forced to leave her home, friends, and hockey team, she becomes depressed. Meanwhile, her mother sees the changes Riley is going through and does her best to try and get her daughter back. She is empathetic, compassionate and really tries to understand her daughter’s thoughts.

101 Dalmatians: Perdita

101 Dalmatians are watching TV

One Hundred Spirits One Dalmatian Dog Released in 1961, it showed fans that love and family can truly conquer all. After a sweet courtship, Pongo and Perdita find out they’re pregnant so many puppy. An event that should have been fun turns into a break-in when Anita’s boss, Cruella De Vil, steals the puppy.

But Perdita and Pongo don’t sit there hoping humans will find their cubs. They run away from home, go down their noses and talk to other dogs in town, doing everything they can to protect their dog from being next year’s fashion item. They did it! Perdita is a devoted mother.

The Lion King: Sarabi

Sarabi holds baby Simba in The Lion King

Sarabi is one of the most underrated mothers in Disney animation. Not only did she lose her husband at the hands of her cruel brother-in-law Lion King, but she also lost her son and kingdom at the same time. Everything she knew was taken away in the blink of an eye.

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Since Scar is king, instead of escaping the horrible lifestyle she is forced to live, she stays with her fellow lions and tries to hold on to the fortress until things improve. Little does she know, her son is actually still alive and is able to regain his kingdom with Sarabi’s help. She never really gave up hope, which is commendable.

Woodman: Kara

tarzan and kara

mother gorilla gorilla Literally passed the trenches. After trying to take care of a baby who hasn’t been taken away by wild leopards, she finds a baby Tarzan in dire need of help. Knowing that he would one day hurt them, she took the risk and raised him – even though her husband and others thought she was wrong.

She loves her boy Tarzan so much that she will even let him be with people like her. In short, she’s one of Disney’s most selfless characters and one of Disney’s best quotes gorilla.

Toy Story: Mrs. Davis

Andy looks sad with Woody in Toy Story while his mother comforts him in the background

Mrs. Davis is an active mother not to be missed. Although she played a small role in the play Toy Story franchise, it’s clear that she’s a single mom raising a boy and a girl.

It’s unclear what Ms. Davis does other than stay at home, but viewers can sense the sweet nature of her voice. From birthday parties to yard sales to packing Andy for college, she’s always been a person and does everything she can to give her kids a life. Great. She made some of the most heartbreaking moments of Andy’s life bearable with her care and affection.

The Princess and the Frog: Eudora

Tiana and her mother hug at her new restaurant, Princess and the Frog

the princess and the frog Released in 2009, it broke the mold and gave fans Disney’s first black princess. She’s caring, generous, hard-working — she’s everything a child aspires to be. But Tiana would not be where she is today without the wonderful help of her mother, Eudora. At the beginning of the film, Tiana is deeply loved by her parents. But as the series continues, her father dies, leaving Eudora a widow and single mother.

Eudora is one of the best tailors in New Orleans and is highly respected. She wants Tiana to settle down and have a family, but at the same time, she also highly encourages Tiana and dreams of opening a restaurant one day.

Bambi: Bambi .’s mother

Bambi sleeps next to mom

Bambi Released in 1942, it is one of Disney’s oldest films. In the film, fans witness a lonely baby deer named Bambi finding life in the woods without his mother. That’s because, at the beginning of the movie, Bambi’s mother is killed by a hunter, leaving the boy orphaned.

The two had spent the winter together before she passed away, and they were very excited about spring. Her brief appearance in the film shows how much she cares for her only child and will do anything to get them both through the harsh winter. Without her mother’s upbringing, Bambi wouldn’t be herself at the end of the film.

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Moana: Sina

Sina comforts Moana on the beach at Disney's Moana

Moana A huge hit in 2016, when everyone was raving about Moana and Maui, Sina is a commendable anime mom. She soon taught her daughter to love the island and make it her home, but still understands her daughter’s urge to explore beyond the reef.

As the threat to her family grows, Sina accepts the fact that her daughter has set sail in search of a cure. Moana is the woman in the film thanks to her mother’s strength. Fans love the movie so much that Disney+ is switching to Moana Into a series.

Tangled: Queen Arianna

Queen Arianna holds a young Rapunzel in her arms

when their baby girl is PuppetsDisney’s underrated villain, Mother Gottle, kidnapped Rapunzel for her magical hair and imprisoned her. After the search party empties, the king and queen decide to honor her (and hope she returns) by placing a lantern in the night sky on her birthday.

Queen Arianna appeared on the screen not long ago, but 16 years later, she has never given up on her daughter. Deep down, she always knows that Rapunzel is alive, that’s why she always turns off the lantern. When she comes face to face with Rapunzel, she knows right away it’s her baby and viewers can immediately feel the mother-daughter bond.

Dumbo: Mrs. Jewel

At the beginning of the film, Dumbo is hugged by his mother.

stupid No matter how much time passes or how many times fans see it, it still brings them to tears. In the movie, Dumbo, Jewel’s son, has big ears. They were so large that he tripped over himself and his small body. But as soon as Mrs. Jewel heard the other children criticizing Dumbo, she defended her son.

Unfortunately for her, this has landed her in solitary confinement in the circus for her actions, but she will do anything for Dumbo, a love that has stuck with generations of fans. tomb.

Lilo and Stitch: Nani

Surfing with Lilo, Stitch on Nani's shoulder

Nani is not Lilo’s mother but she is the person closest to her.exist Lilo & StitchAfter the death of her parents, Nani is Lilo’s legal guardian.

Nani is a young girl who not only has to deal with the death of her parents, but now has to raise her sister, work and look after the house; something she has to do overnight. Although she and Lilo meet occasionally, her sole purpose in life is to give Lilo a happy and healthy home. It was a tall order for a young woman, but she did it gracefully.

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