You’ve got 20/20 vision if you can spot the 4 doves among the cockatoos in 20 seconds

You have 20/20 vision if you can spot four pigeons among cockatoos in 20 seconds.

But be warned: this is a very demanding task and will push your eyes to the limit as these birds do not want to be found.


Can you spot the four pigeons hidden among the cockatoos? Credit: Gergely Dudás

The puzzle is made even more impossible by the similarities between these feathered types.

The artist also doesn’t give many clues in his stunning painting.

It could be the artist and illustrator Gergely Dudas, also called Dudolf (@thedudolf), had in mind when he composed it.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, he maintains a Twitter account filled with dozens of head-scratching images.

His brain teasers really test the visual acuity of the player.

And it doesn’t stop there either. They also manage to tax and tease the brain.

He created other equally bewildering, kaleidoscopic paintings depicting rabbits, reindeer and pigs in shamrocks.

Don’t be fooled that 20 seconds is a small thing for this quest.

It will take some of us much longer to find these well-camouflaged pigeons.

Once you decide on a quest, it can be confusing, but it offers an even greater reward if you succeed.

You deserve a big pat on the back because it means you have perfect vision.

If you haven’t been able to solve it, don’t worry, because below we have the solution circled in red.

Want to test your limits with another teaser?

See if you can find all four women hiding in this optical illusion.

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Pigeons do not have the same yellow feathers on top


Pigeons do not have the same yellow feathers above Credit: Gergely Dudás

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