You’ve got sharp eyes if you can spot the 3 owls hiding among the chickens in 20 seconds

Below is a who’s who of the birds that say – and don’t say – “who” brainstorm.

The intricate illustration is full of clumsy little chickens, but three owls hide in their midst.


You have sharp eyes if you can spot three owls hidden among chickens in 20 seconds Credit: Gergely Dudás

Illustrator Gergely Dudas drew this puzzle game.

He lives in Budapest, Hungary, publishes many drawings where something doesn’t belong.

In this case, he drew dozens of chickens, all with lobes under their beaks.

Some are white, others are grey, and a few are shades of tan and brown, and they all look in different directions.

It is possible that they are looking for cheaters in their midst.

But the three owls fit in perfectly and don’t want to be found.

You will have to carefully search the image to spot them.

And once you do, it may seem obvious that they were there all along.

If you can see all three in less than 20 seconds, you must have sharp eyesight.

But if you are confused, scroll down for the answer key.

The artist highlighted three owls, all of which do not have red on their heads or under their beaks.

In the second game, he hid four pigeons among a sea of ​​cockatoos.

There are also three crocodiles sneaking between the dragons in another illustration.

The owls match almost perfectly thanks to their similar colors


The owls blend in almost perfectly thanks to similar colorsCredit: Gergely Dudás

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