You’ve got the eyes of a sniper if you can spot artillery gun in this optical illusion in five seconds

You MIGHT have the eyes of a sniper if you are able to spot this massive artillery weapon cleverly camouflaged in the woods.

A massive British-made AS-90 howitzer is almost completely invisible among the trees in this puzzle.


Can you spot the British artillery system hidden in the woods? Credit: Ian WhittakerThe AS-90 howitzer is cleverly camouflaged relative to its surroundings.


The AS-90 howitzer is cleverly camouflaged from its surroundings Credit: Ian Whittaker

Despite weighing 50 tons and measuring 32 feet long, it is nearly impossible to spot.

Do you see the huge artillery in your hideout?

Here is the clue, look for the top of the pipe.

Don’t worry if you can’t figure it out, the answer is at the bottom of the page.

The incredible photos were taken at Camp Tapa in Estonia, where The Sun came out to experience the NATO military exercises taking place with the participation of the UK.

The British-made howitzer was one of three self-propelled artillery pieces that took part in exercises with NATO allies from Estonia, France, Germany, Denmark and other countries, just 100 miles from the Russian border.

The exercises were designed to test the ability of the AS-90 to be used in the Ukrainian war.

They are one of the most powerful pieces of military equipment in the British Army’s arsenal, with the power to destroy a building or destroy a fleet of enemy tanks.

The Sun spoke to Sergeant Cokely of the 19th Scottish Artillery, commanding one of the AS-90s being tested in the frozen fields of eastern Estonia.

He is one of the five crew members required by each howitzer, and his role is to manage communications with other units on the battlefield.

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The deputy prepares the ammunition while the cape controls the direction of the turret.

Two magazines load ammunition and operate the unit’s operating system, which sometimes has to be done manually.

The AS-90 has a combat weight of up to 50 tons and is 32 feet long, of which nearly 24 feet is the fuselage.

At the top is a 20-foot cannon that fires 155mm high-explosive ammunition.

Sergeant Cokely explains that the howitzer can shoot a range of 15 miles, and that “a few rounds will bring down a building.”

The 660 liter fuel tank allows the massive piece of equipment to reach speeds of up to 54.5mph.

It can also travel up to 200 miles on a single tank of fuel.

The artillery weapons also come equipped with a smoke load and a general purpose machine gun with a rail-fed 6.62mm ammo.

Unlike a tank, the AS-90 cannot fire while moving.

Instead, Sergeant Cokely explains, “it has to be stopped and then turned on,” however, this process can be done in just a minute.

The camouflage is so cleverly deployed that the howitzer can even avoid detection by drones.

Sergeant Cokely’s crew wear normal camouflage netting, as well as “living camouflage” made from twigs and leaves plucked from nearby trees, allowing them to deftly blend into their surroundings.

This helps hide the vehicle’s heat signature, meaning it cannot be easily detected even with thermal imaging.

He continued: “If we get the call to fire, the gun will come out and attack the enemy there. When it’s done, it will disappear into the trees.”

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The AS-90s are just one of many pieces of equipment Britain is training its Ukrainian partners to use in the war against Putin’s invasion forces.

This week, Britain agreed to send long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine in a bid to turn the tables on Russia.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the long-range missiles would allow Ukraine to push Vladimir Putin’s forces further into Russia.

Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles can travel up to 600 km/h and hit targets up to 350 miles away.

This means the weapon could hit targets at maximum range in just 35 minutes, traveling almost half the length of the UK.

“The donation of these weapons systems gives Ukraine the best chance to defend itself against Russia’s continued brutality,” Wallace said.

“Ukraine has the right to defend itself.”

Well done if you saw it!


Well done if you saw it! Credit: Ian WhittakerAS-90s were used as part of the NATO war exercises in Estonia.


AS-90s were used as part of the NATO war games in EstoniaCredit: Ian WhittakerThe AS-90 was loaded at the Tapa camp in Estonia


AS-90 being loaded at Camp Tapa, EstoniaCredit: Ian WhittakerA British soldier carries a 155mm artillery shell.


A British soldier carries a 155mm artillery shell Credit: Ian WhittakerGrenades can travel up to 25 km.


Projectiles can travel up to 25 km Credit: Ian WhittakerBrits train on frozen fields in eastern Estonia


British training on frozen fields in eastern Estonia Credit: Ian Whittaker

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