Zelda: Majora’s Mask Deku Mask Looks Even Creepier In Real Life

an idea The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask A fan made a scary version of a real-life Deku mask Majora’s Mask. Deku Link’s mask is one of several transformation items acquired throughout the game, hinting at the tragic backstory of one of the game’s NPCs.

Majora’s Mask is one of the darkest games Legend of Zelda franchise, with the deaths of several characters being an integral part of the story. Deku, Goron, and Zora Mask are all related to such deaths, where the souls of deceased characters are bound to magical artifacts to empower the Link. Of the three masks, the Deku mask is the only one to imply rather than make this connection obvious. Originally introduced as a curse on Link, the Deku Mask appears to have actually been created after the death of his son Deku Butler; The Skull Kid brought a terrible fate to the character under Majora’s influence.

Now the Deku Mask has been brought to life Legend of Zelda Thold Trunk Fan. Made from a mixture of pulp and cardboard, the mask features all the major details visible in the game; For example, Deku Scrub’s eyes are meticulously drawn into a series of graduated arcs that form a sad semicircle for the mask’s orange eyes. Also includes three clusters of green leaves on the back of the mask and an open mouth. PenguinThold is even able to reproduce the speckled wood grain effect using a variety of shades of brown. Replicating these masks seems to be a popular idea; There have been similar fan creations in the past, such as details Majora’s Mask Made of clay.

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More fan-made transformation masks coming soon

Looks like PenguinThold is not satisfied with just creating Deku Masks. Their comments on Reddit indicate they are “Currently working on Zora . Mask‘, which also suggests that the Goron Mask will likely be another future item to complete the series. Unlike the Deku Mask, the Zora Mask has a clearer origin; Link encounters musician Zora Mikau Death on the Edge, who tries to free himself from a gang of Gerudo pirates. Link created Zora’s mask by playing a magical healing song to comfort the dying Zora’s soul. Real masks can be found in Ocarina of time and a few others, although its only use here is to prompt some unique interactions.

This Deku mask is a perfect reproduction of the original game item. The sad eyes and inhuman features, combined with the dark background behind the work that created it, give the Deku Mask an eerie in-game beauty. That is only enhanced when it becomes a reality and someone can really put on that mask and bring the tragedy within it to life. Fans of Majora’s Mask Likely enjoying this macabre rendition of the project and also looking forward to PenguinThold’s upcoming Zora Mask, as well as any other projects in the future. Is considering Majora’s Mask With a total of 24 masks, PenguinThold definitely has more options for recreating.

Source: PenguinThold/Reddit (via Game Rant)

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