Emma Stone transforms for bizarre performance in new Poor Things trailer

Emma Stone plays the role in the new trailer of Poorand fans have been clamoring for the La La Land actress to receive an Oscar nomination for her upcoming role in the new horror film.

The star reunites with director Yorgos Lanthimos, who directed The Favourite, to play Bella Baxter, who has been described as “a young woman revived by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter.”

Emma Stone looks completely different in Les Miserables trailer

The synopsis continues: “Under Baxter’s protection, Bella is eager to learn. Desperate for the mundane she lacks, Bella flees with Duncan Wedderburn, a skillful and dissolute lawyer, on an adventure. Transcontinental whirlwind. Freed from her prejudices, Bella becomes steadfast in her determination to fight for equality and liberation.”

“My character Bella is a bit like Frankenstein,” Emma said

In the new trailer, Emma wears long flowing black locks and looks fabulous in a variety of gorgeous outfits as she stars alongside Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo.

Discussing the trailer, one person wrote: “The new trailer for Poverty is directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favourite). Emma Stone will definitely be nominated for an Oscar next year!” Another added: “When Emma Stone was nominated for Best Actress for Les Misérables and Ryan Gosling was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Barbie and they reunited at the Oscars.”

Emma Stone in Les MiserablesActor who plays Bella Baxter

Talking about the role to W magazine, Emma explained, “My character Bella is a bit like Frankenstein, but she’s also an experimental person in the sense that everything about her moves very quickly.” some days. It had to get longer and longer quickly because that’s what happened in the book.”

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Talk about making a movie and it’s different from Favouriteshe added, “We’ve talked about it over and over and over again for almost five years, but the most special moment when we talked about the movie was when he mentioned it to me for the first time. And I was producer of this film, so there was a much more involved.”

Emma Stone in Les MiserablesEmma with dark hair looks almost unrecognizable

She added for fashion magazine: “It’s always hard for me to say what I hope people will understand, so I thought it might be easier to just say how I feel about the role or what inspired me about the role. acting there.

“It’s a fairy tale and a metaphor – obviously this can’t really happen – but the idea that you can start over as a woman, when this body has been forming, seeing things for the first time and trying to understand the essence of sex, power, money or choice, the ability to make decisions and live by your own rules, not yours social – I think it’s a really fascinating world to be in.”

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