Zoe Chache Wikipedia, Accent, Voice, Partner, Age, Instagram

Zoe Chache Wikipedia, accent, voice, couple, age, Instagram

Zoe Chache Wikipedia, accent, voice, partner, age, Instagram – For NPR’s Planet Money, Zoe Chace delves into the complexities of the global economy. As the team’s reporter, Chace knows how to uncover interesting stories in unexpected places, like an Italian pasta mill where everyone is out, an Ohio lollipop factory struggling to stay open, and a New York recording studio mixing the next single. from Rihanna.

Zoe Chache Wikipedia, accent, voice, couple, age, Instagram

Chace joined NPR in 2008 to work as an intern on Weekend Edition Saturday. She developed a streak covering popular music while working as a production assistant for NPR’s Arts Desk and co-writing Pop Off, a recurring piece on hit songs for Morning Edition. When Chace convinced the notoriously private Lauryn Hill to sit down for an interview, the music world was stunned.

Chace learned about economics by doing. He covered NPR’s Business Desk before beginning writing for Planet Money in 2011. Since then, Chace has contributed to the network’s breaking news coverage. He broadcast Hurricane Sandy live from New York and the 2012 presidential election from Colorado.

There are numerous theories on the internet as to how Chace acquired his distinctive accent. She notes that she is a unique combination of her New England family background, her Manhattan upbringing, her time at Oberlin College in Ohio, and her first high school teaching position in Philadelphia.

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The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and collaboration with NPR’s top editors, producers, and journalists made the radio training possible.

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Zoe Chache Wikipedia, Net worth, Parents, Wedding, Instagram, Mother, House, CEO

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