10 Best Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Moments In DC Comics

Animated Series Part 3 harley quinn Now airing every Thursday on HBO Max, there’s no shortage of iconic Harley and Ivy moments. Originally created by comedic geniuses Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the villains are known for having one of the tightest yet most complicated relationships in DC history.

Their friendship turns into romance, tension, and humor that have captivated readers and viewers for decades. harley and ivy Their wits and wild pranks in mischief Batman: Harry & Ivy #1-3, their relationship evolved, arguably unprecedented in any DC couple. No matter how many times the two are separated by disagreements and mistakes, they always seem to find their way back together, with so many great moments along the way.

harley and ivy

Their comic career started right after their famous debut Batman: Animated Series.The episode “Holiday Riders” where they first appeared has been included Batman Adventures in Holiday Special #1 comic.

After Bruce is brutally kissed by Ivy, Pamela and Harleen (reluctantly) take Bruce to town for a night before being forced to obey their orders. With Harry’s reluctance to take his mission seriously and Ivy’s unpreparedness for things to go wrong, their misbehavior (like this one) backfired on them, which is part of the reason why. why girls are so loved when they are together. This outing has defined their unique motivations, their ability to bring out the best and sometimes the worst in each other.

when harley and ivy released the hounds

Harley and Ivy the free dog in the comics

in a supposedly heroic continuum main earthHarley and Ivy team up again Harley Quinn #2 Become a hero as you take on bounty hunters while saving animals from doom.

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It’s a moment that beautifully showcases heroines often seen as evil and how they bravely strive together to achieve greatness. When fugitives flee in all directions, including their criminal accomplices, it represents the freedom of justice they can achieve and give to others every time they fight for justice. The hero-testing theme is sure to continue to evolve over time as they shed old trends.

When Harley convinces Ivy to find a way to heal

Harry and Ivy - Heroes in Crisis

Stage hero in crisisThe Justice League created a mental hospital called “The Asylum” where Superman can be treated for traumatic mental health conditions, which is a pretty progressive but clever idea.

At Harry’s insistence, Ivy reluctantly agrees to join the facility for their sake. Given the contradictory nature of the almost impenetrable walls of solitude that Ivy builds around her, and Harry’s occasional haughty need to stay close to the one she loves, because Ivy is unafraid of getting hurt. in each other’s presence, This is something that should never be taken lightly. Despite that, they managed to balance their conflicting traits and cultivate a deep love between them.

When Harley saved Ivy from a traitor cop

Gotham City siren comic book cover

Harry becomes the hero of Ivy whistle songpart of the problem gotham city warningIvy is falsely accused of some heinous crimes and falls into the hands of an extremely corrupt cop.

This time, Ivy was physically abused and starved to death in an underground cave. Catwoman, Harry and even Gordon race against time to hunt down Ivy. While Harry is usually the one being saved compared to Ivy, Harry has also saved humanity as well as her life on a number of occasions. In addition, Harry does not hesitate to find ways to ask for help in order to save her best friend.

Batman: Harry & Ivy #1-3

The girls are caught in a heist due to Harry’s dizzy and unpredictable personality when he tries to steal the zombie root plant, which Ivy plans to distill into a chemical that turns anyone he comes into contact with. slave.

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Harry and Ivy’s friendship was severed after they were sent back to Arkham Asylum, but that didn’t stop Harry from trying to slyly return to her best friend’s isolated heart with a single word. Very sorry. Setting aside their list of failures and arguments, Harry repeatedly wants to support Ivy in her next plan and steadfastly stands by her side, even as she is constantly pushed away. .

When Harley and Batgirl saved Ivy from the Fox Demon

Batgirl asks if Harley Quinn and Ivy are friends from the Batgirl comics.

in comics batgirl adventuresHarley must team up with Batgirl to rescue kidnapped Ivy, who has been captured by a fox demon to steal her plant poison. Harry immediately chased after Ivy, knowing she would do the same to him.

Harry and Batgirl watched from above, waiting for the perfect moment to save Ivy, while Fox interrogated her. Meanwhile, Batgirl starts mocking Harry and Ivy’s relationship, asking if they’re just friends. Harry basically confirmed this, and then suggested that Batgirl and Supergirl had the same relationship. The moment not only showcases the hilarity with which Quinn has garnered countless fans, but also shows the unbreakable bond between her and Ivy.

When Ivy helped Harry find himself

Harry and Ivy embrace in DC Comics.

Postal hero in crisisIn this six-volume mini-series, Ivy and Harry embark on an action-packed journey, dodging heroes and villains on their path to redemption while reaffirming their bond.

Healing from the refugee nightmare becoming a reality is only possible when they are together, especially since the continuity of their past and future complicates matters further. In the final installment, Ivy helps Harley rediscover who she is now and who she wants to be in an emotional climax, teaming up with a former psychiatrist to achieve what the Joker has never been. did, while once again strengthening their loyalty.

when they get married

harley quinn poison ivy marriage

Although this doesn’t happen in the main manga series, Harry and Ivy are married, but in injustice series. The historic event has fans of the couple celebrate the long-awaited classic of the dynamic couple.

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Despite their considerable bond with each other, it’s unlikely that the couple will get married in the main series, but they will get married in the DCEU. Ring or not, this anti-hero duo has proven time and time again that they definitely have what it takes to get together. No matter what universe they are in, their admirable admiration and intense devotion to each other says it all.

When Ivy saved Harry (and made her immune to poison)

Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Poison Quinn

Without a doubt, Ivy has saved Harry from the Joker many times, both figuratively and physically. When Harry brutally broke up with the Joker again, Ivy went out of her way to help Harry and show her that she cared.

Ivy takes care of her health back while giving her a place to stay in one of Harley Quinn’s best storylines, supporting her best friend in any way she can while she stands firmly back, trying to convince her to leave the Joker forever. Most importantly, Ivy has proven that she cares about Harry by giving him a serum that not only makes her immune to all poisons but also boosts her agility and strength, allowing her to He survived without the Joker getting stronger.

Harley and Ivy’s Honeymoon

In DC Comics, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy roll around in bed.

spin-off comics harley quinn cartoon seriesaka eat. Bang! Kill.travel, continue from where the program left off in the best possible way. After Ivy’s marriage to The Kite Runner fell apart and they declared their love for each other, Harry and Ivy had a lot to make up for.

Harry demonstrates their unconditional love for each other, bringing Ivy’s wedding style into her makeshift cushion shop to comfort Ivy about her failed wedding to the Hawk Man. The incredibly sweet scene of the newlyweds was roughly interrupted by Gordon following behind. Victory should not be underestimated, as the determined couple has had a long and tough fight to win each other’s hearts despite past distrust issues stemming from trauma.

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