10 Best Songs In Tick, Tick…Boom!

Based on Jonathan Larson’s semi-autobiographical musical, Tick, tick… boom! Featuring a great soundtrack and great performances from each of the main actors. The songs range from emotional ballads to catchy, high-energy anthems and touch on a variety of topics including life, relationships and success.

The film features performances from seasoned theater stars like Joshua Henry and Robin de Jesus, as well as singing newcomers like Andrew Garfield. While some songs were cut from the original stage production, most of the songs written by Larson are present and are brilliantly performed by the talented cast.


The lyrics to “Sunday” depict a typical customer having brunch at the Moondance Diner where Jonathan works. He sings the song during a busy shift while expressing some of his grievances to the customers he sees regularly, and the song’s mundane subject matter reflects something Jonathan said earlier in the film about being based on random themes The song is just an exercise.

While the lyrics may not be as ingrained in the listener’s mind as others from this film, “Sunday” is truly memorable for its performances by Idina Menzel, Bernadette Peters, and Chi Guest appearances from famous Broadway stars including Ta Rivera. It’s obvious whose voice is heard in certain lines.Additionally, the song pays homage to the critically acclaimed musical Go to the park with George on Sundaycreated by Stephen Sondheim, Jonathan’s main inspiration and idol.



In “Swimming,” Jonathan heads to the pool to take his mind off the struggles of writer’s block and being cut off. The song’s lyrics and beat mimic his attempts to release this frustration by swimming laps.

Then the music suddenly stops and resumes with a much slower, whimsical tune, and Jonathan finally breaks through with his new song, hearing his friends singing the words he needs to hear. While the lyrics may be quite explicit, viewers may relate to the frustration heard in Andrew Garfield’s performance and the calmness once he lets his mood down.

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“real life”

Michael in Tick Tick Boom's office

Although “Real Life” may be brief, Robin de Jesus’ performance as Michael makes the song shine. Michael performed the song immediately after he revealed to Jonathan that he was HIV-positive, prompting the former to endure the pain of receiving his diagnosis. The song consists only of the repeated question “Is this real life?” His voice gets louder and more intense by the end as he processes his emotions.

The music reflects this strong emotional charge, and by the end, the listener can’t help but be moved by this simple refrain. It truly captures what it’s like to face such tragic news, and Robin de Jesus perfectly portrays Michael’s bravery and pain.

“Wake up”

At night, Susan sang

Jonathan spent much of the film stressing over what to write for the key song in his musical, before he finally had a breakthrough and wrote “Come to Your Senses.” While the lyrics may have been written for a character in his work, they also depict words that Jonathan himself needed to hear, and he even imagined his ex-girlfriend Susan singing the song to him while Caressa was in his Sing this song during your speech. superbia.

Susan and Caressa’s voices blend beautifully together to deliver this heartfelt ballad that moves the listener as much as the audience at Jonathan’s studio.

“Johnny can’t decide”

Andrew Garfield on stage at Tick Tick Boom

“Johnny Can’t Decide” comes at a point in Jonathan’s life when he feels conflicted about how to move forward in his career compared to Michael and Susan. The first line, “Compromise or persevere?” sums up Jonathan’s main struggle in this film and throughout the film, which is to continue to pursue his life’s passion despite the odds, or to make compromises in order to make it easier to succeed.

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It’s a very thoughtful song with lyrics that are relatable to anyone struggling in their career, and the lyrics paint a moving picture of dealing with that conflict while holding on to your dreams.


Jonathan and Caressa sat on stage singing

“Therapy” is a song full of energy Tick, tick… boom! This happened when Jonathan and Susan ended their relationship due to an argument. Andrew Garfield and Vanessa Hudgens provide fun, over-the-top musical performances on the song, juxtaposed with passive-aggressive lyrics that slowly become more Louder and crazier, mimicking the structure of an argument.

It’s a creative way to build the song with the perfect amount of energy, and the lyrics masterfully capture the subtext of common fights in relationships and turn it into a catchy tune that will keep audiences wanting to do it over and over again. Listen over and over again.

“no longer”

Jonathan sings

While exploring Michael’s new Upper East Side apartment, he and Jonathan performed “No More,” celebrating his move to a more upscale lifestyle. It’s a fun, lively song that uses descriptive imagery to compare Michael’s shabby apartment to his luxurious new one, and listeners can’t help but sing along.

Additionally, Andrew Garfield and Robin de Jesus contribute Tick, tick… boom!The most endearing performance in “No More” and depicts joyous moments in Jonathan and Michael’s friendship early in the film, making later numbers like “Real Life” and “Why” all the more heartbreaking.


Jonathan and Michael eating popcorn in

One of the most bittersweet and touching songs Tick, tick… boom! It was Jonathan singing “Why” after learning of Michael’s HIV diagnosis. Fearing the loss of his best friend, Jonathan recalls the good times of their childhood and vows to be there for his friends more.

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The lyrics captivatingly transport the listener into Jonathan’s memories, stirring up powerful feelings of love and friendship, and the emotion in Andrew Garfield’s voice produces an incredibly moving performance. It’s also a very vulnerable moment for Jonathan that the audience can clearly see and hear compared to some of his more energetic songs.

“Speaks louder than words”

Jonathan performs the song Louder Than Words in Tick Tick Boom

“Louder Than Words” is the film’s poignant finale, with the voices of Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens, and Joshua Henry perfectly blended together to touch on some of the film’s themes, such as ambition and creativity. . A key concept that the song focuses on is the choice of fear or love as motivation, an emotion referenced throughout the film.

With inspiring lyrics and powerful performances from every cast member, “Louder Than Words” is an incredibly moving song that encourages the audience to think about the emotion for themselves and thoughtfully encapsulates what Jonathan Larson wanted Depicted information.


Jonathan sang on stage at the piano in

The first song in Tick, tick… boom! Wonderfully creates the kind of energy and feeling that audiences can expect from the rest of the film. Upbeat and catchy, “30/90” captures the audience’s attention with its catchy tunes and Andrew Garfield’s performance. The lyrics outline Jonathan’s feelings about his upcoming 30th birthday and introduce the theme of “time is running out” which inspired many of his actions.

This energetic and catchy song instantly establishes Jonathan as a likeable character as audiences are drawn to his performance, while the relatable themes make it a truly compelling part of the soundtrack.

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