90 Day Fiancé: Julia Reveals Results Of Latest Cosmetic Procedures

Earlier fiance 90 days Star Julia Trubkina is known to be an advocate of natural beauty, but she recently underwent some plastic surgery to improve the look of her eyes. The 29-year-old reality TV star has debuted fiance 90 days In season 8, she married her American boyfriend, Brandon Gibbs. After getting married, the young reality TV star made peace with her husband’s family and settled in the US. She recently cut her husband’s hair badly, but the couple laughed it off on social media.

fiance 90 days Julia Trubkina has always been against plastic surgery. However, her most recent Instagram Stories revealed that she has finally tried plastic surgery.

Julia has revealed how she gets to her favorite spa and salon because it’s so close to her home. She then shared a photo of herself lying on a bench, saying she got it “Two Treatments” which includes a “eyelash lift” And “Multiple layers and colors.” this fiance 90 days She then shared a post-surgery photo of herself, showing off her glittering eyes, bushy eyebrows and thick lashes.

Julia Trubkina loves natural beauty after surgery

Julia Trubkina's 90-day fiance puts her hand on her forehead

After showing her before and after looks, Julia asked her Instagram followers how much they liked her “Laws and eyebrows.” She shared a video of herself getting up close and talking about how she feels after the procedure. In the video, Julia has some positive words to say about her favorite spa. she speaks, “Look result, it’s gorgeous, it’s cool, it’s professional, and I look super natural. “ this fiance 90 days season 8 cast request “Nature” Some are her favorites, plus she loves the spa and the people who work there.

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In 2021, Julia returns to power, promoting natural beauty and disdain for plastic surgery and plastic surgery. Her bold statement even cracked her friendship with a Ukrainian fiance 90 days Co-star Yara Zaya has clearly changed her real appearance through many treatments. Julia says looking good requires going to the gym and maintaining a healthy diet. That same year, she explained why she would never need plastic surgery by sharing a photo of her mother, which shows her looking in her early 40s despite being over the age of 40. 55. However, Julia is currently trying to artificially improve her appearance, which may make her vulnerable to criticism.

Julia probably doesn’t think her brow and lash treatments are extreme. Her stance is primarily against major plastic surgery involving invasive procedures. As the Russian reality TV star grooms herself fairly lightly, it’s clear that she remains faithful to her vision of natural beauty. Also, Julia specifically mentioned that her results look natural, which is what she likes. though, fiance 90 days The actors are all happy after the surgery, and that’s the most important thing.

Source: Julia Trubkina/Instagram, Julia Trubkina/Instagram

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