A dear two-year-old dog meets a 93-year-old grandmother and they become truly inseparable friends

A 93-year-old old woman lives alone. Her name is Sally. She remained a widow for 30 years.

The woman befriends the neighbor’s dog. A dog and a woman are inseparable friends. The old woman is always surrounded by animals because they have a farm in the Netherlands.

The woman has a deep love for animals, especially dogs. She doesn’t have a pet, but her neighbor’s dog has become her best friend.

The woman’s neighbor had a dead dog named Blizzard. Then they brought back a new dog named Brody.

Brody bonded with the old woman. They were seen walking together. The dog alone filled the old woman’s day. He brings joy and love to her life.

The dog followed the woman in the yard and the woman no longer felt alone. The dog even came and placed its large paws on the woman’s window as if calling out to the woman.

Unfortunately, the old woman had health problems and was moved to a home for the elderly. The dog is distressed and sad. He misses his grandmother very much.

The dog went to the woman’s house and put its paw on the window, hoping that the woman would return.

The dog’s owner saw the dog’s dire condition and brought it to an elderly home to visit the old woman.

Their reunion was touching. Both miss each other. This is a real friendship between a dog and a woman. The world becomes brighter for both of them after meeting each other again.

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