A new study shows you can beat type II diabetes, even if you’ve had it for 15 years! One patient found that switching from pasta and bread to a restrictive diet helped her lose more than 6 pounds.

Anna Geohegan has had type two diabetes for a century and is used to being lost all the time, trying to cope with being overweight and not being able to control her blood sugar.

Helen, 60, from Weymouth said: ‘My vision is also blurry, it’s worrying, but I can’t say it will get better.

However, in just 3 months, she has reduced her blood sugar by a quarter, is the thinnest in 21 years (first 4 pounds lost), and is starting to feel more beautiful, full of energy. more quantitative and more optimistic.

Many people may be surprised to learn that this is due to simple adjustments to her eating habits, especially the fact that she lost weight while trying to follow a restrictive diet.

And Anna’s benefits go beyond feeling physically slimmer and mentally stronger. Anna’s extraordinary story is not unique.

According to a scientific article published today in the scientific journal BM Nutrition, patients with type 2 diabetes who switch to the diet can significantly improve their blood sugar, quality of life, and quality of life. their lifespan – all in just a few months. letters.

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