A woman found and rescued an abandoned pit bull in an old bus on a hot day.

“We’ll get you out, puppy!” That’s what Melissa Geerlof promised when she saw a Pit Bull stuck in a hot bus.

Melissa was walking home from the gym when she heard a dog cry for help and saw an abandoned bus.

The white bus was parked on the side of the road and had no license plate, scratched VIN number, and was filled with garbage.

After approaching the bus, Melissa saw a dog peeking out of one of the windows.

The Pit Bull was tiptoeing his head out the window; She was tied to one of the chairs. Melissa was very nervous because it was a very hot day.

She soon joined Melissa’s boyfriend Ben and some neighbors to find a way to free the dog in distress.

They called the police four times and they finally arrived after an hour. While waiting for the police, neighbors gave the pittie (now named Lexi) water and some food.

According to Melissa, officers initially said they would take the dog back to their station overnight and then to an animal shelter.

But when the police came to get the crate and came back, they told Melissa and the neighbors that they were going to take the dog to the shelter, because they didn’t know who owned the dog, but the dog (maybe) ) is killed unless one of them wants to take her away.

Melissa immediately said “I’ll take her.”

When the police opened the bus door, a “waterfall” spilled out of the bus.

And as soon as Lexie got out, she ran over and hugged Melissa.

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After giving Lexie a bath, Melissa took her to the vet. Melissa noticed Lexie had long fingernails, skin problems, and conjunctivitis. But Melissa’s big concern is whether Lexie will get along with her lovely Roadie friend. She shouldn’t be worried. The two quickly became friends.

Then Melissa wondered if another dog would be good for Ben. He was grumpy at first, but now he’s getting a double kiss from Lexie.

It’s not a huge adjustment for Lexie. She’s settled in and enjoys hanging out with her new family.

Lexie is also recovering very well!

She loves nothing more than hanging out with her family on the couch, in bed, and wherever they go.

One TikToker wrote: “Definitely should go over that bus and find her.” We will have to agree.

Here is the video:

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