‘AHS’ Star Angelica Ross Claims Emma Roberts Was ‘the Boss’ on Set Who ‘Made Sure Everything Went Through Her’

Angelica Ross once again talks about her experience working with Emma Roberts American Horror Story: 1984.

Ross, who earlier this week made allegations that Roberts made a transphobic comment on the set of the Ryan Murphy-hosted FX series but later apologized, further elaborated on their working relationship in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporterpublished on Friday.

During the interview, Ross, 42, claimed that Roberts, 32, took the lead on set in 1984, calling her the “boss” of the anthology series.

“She had her trailer outside the recording studio, not where all the other trailers were,” Ross explained. “She made sure everything went through her. She would literally tell them the order in which we were shooting the scenes.”

Reps for Roberts, Ross and FX did not respond to PEOPLE’s multiple requests for comment. A representative for Murphy declined to comment.

American Horror Story’s Angelica Ross says Emma Roberts has apologized after an alleged transphobic comment

Angelica Ross in ‘American Horror Story: 1984’.

Kurt Iswarienko/FX

Speaking specifically about the moment Roberts allegedly made the transphobic comment, Ross — who is transgender — told THR“She didn’t let the make-up team age her that much. We were supposed to be a few years old. So I knew from the make-up department what was going on.”

“She came on set and I said, ‘Oh, you look rested.’ And she says, ‘John [J. Gray, the director], Angelica is mean!’ And he said, ‘Okay, ladies…’ And she said, ‘Don’t you mean … lady?'”

“She says, ‘I was really just thinking about myself.’ I said, ‘Don’t. Don’t do it,'” Ross added.

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After talking about their alleged exchange during an Instagram Live this week, filmed by an AHS fan accountrevealed Ross on x (formerly known as Twitter) to which Roberts reached out to redeem himself. But as Ross said, their chat turned out to be an “awkward conversation.”

“She apologized and said, ‘I hate that you walked away from our experience together feeling that way. Looking back, I see what I did and how stupid it was. I’m an ally,'” Ross told THR. “I said, ‘No, you’re not. You can’t call yourself an ally. [Allyship] is an action. You have to be honest with me in this conversation. I’m being honest with you. You were messy.'”

“She said, ‘I hope we can move forward and fix this. I see you out there doing such a great job,'” Ross continued. “And I said, ‘Oh, so you see me? You see me talking about anti-blackness? Are you using your platform to amplify the work that I’m doing? No, you’re not. So what kind of ally are you?’ She said, ‘Well, okay. There’s more to say. I’d like to support the causes that you support.'”

“It’s true that I know Emma has big balls. I’ve seen them on set so I’m not surprised she called me,” Ross added. “This girl is never a damsel in distress.”

AHS-1984, Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts in ‘American Horror Story: 1984’. FX

When Ross first spoke out on Instagram Live and detailed the alleged incident between her and Roberts, she only identified the actress by her first name and initials.

Ross said she fears retribution if she reports the alleged incident, claiming, “My blood boils because I think if I say something, I’ll be the one who’s the problem. I know this because there was someone who spoke out about what she was doing, and they had consequences for it.” (PEOPLE previously reached out to Roberts’ rep about the claim, but did not hear back.)

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The Transparent The alum also admitted that she didn’t speak to Roberts again after their alleged encounter on set.

“She told me she could feel the energy coming off of me,” Ross claims. “She said, ‘Are you okay? You haven’t been talking.’ I said, ‘Mmhmm,’ because f—-, don’t play me. You were playing mind games with everybody on set and everybody was waiting for a moment for you to get me.'”

IN a separate tweet on Wednesday, Ross cited another troubling incident with Roberts and what appeared to be theirs in 1984 costar Cody Fern.

“We all sit and I copy Cody’s accent. I didn’t know he had it. Emma then copies my voice and laughs and drops it a few octaves,” she wrote. “I was DESTROYED. My words read my blood. of course I was conscious of my voice on set afterwards.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 24: Angelica Ross attends Vanity Fair and Lancôme Celebrate the Future of Hollywood at Mother Wolf on March 24, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Angelica Ross attends the Celebrate the Future of Hollywood event at Mother Wolf on March 24, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Jon Kopaloff/Getty Angelica Ross takes PEOPLE backstage for her historic performance in Broadway’s ‘Chicago’

The next day, Ross came out another tweet — this time declaring that she’s taking a step back from the industry.

“For people who haven’t figured it out yet, I’m ‘leaving Hollywood,'” she wrote. “There are more articles coming out detailing this. So I suggest you and your faves play it safe, because I’m a black trans woman with nothing to lose. Candy was born from my body. IYKYK. IYDYD.”

Addressing further his tweet at THRsaid Ross, “It’s kind of a ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you’ situation. I thought Ryan Murphy was going to be my champion. I thought he understood… All the people who are a part all of this they know exactly what I’m talking about. They know how I showed up on set. They know I was moving in my Buddha nature. My hairdresser would even say, ‘Angel, I can feel the peace radiating from you.'”

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“There would be so much chaos because there’s bound to be chaos on the Ryan Murphy set. That’s something people know from joy. We heard about it on American Horror Story, Scream queens and so on,” she added.

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AHS: 1984 premiered in September 2019 and was an homage to slasher films of the era, such as Friday 13. The series was set in Los Angeles during the 1980s and followed the staff of a summer camp as they reopened the grounds after the massacre 14 years earlier. In addition to Roberts, Ross and Fern, the series also starred Billie Lourd, Matthew Morrison, Leslie Grossman, Gus Kentworthy, John Carroll Lynch and Zach Villa.

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