Ahsoka’s Age & Birthdate Confirmed, Massive Impact On Star Wars Timeline

When Ahsoka Tano was first introduced to Star Wars galaxy 2008 Star Wars: Clone Wars feature film, audiences hated her for allegedly breaking Anakin Skywalker’s timeline. However, Ahsoka weaves herself slowly but surely throughout time Star Wars– and the hearts of the audience – ever since. With Ahsoka, Dave Filoni not only proves he can save an obnoxious person Star Wars characters, also shows that animation is not just stories for children. Ashley Eckstein’s performance as the voice of Ahsoka finally elevates her character to a real person with the performance of Rosario Dawson, her own episode released in August.

from Ahsoka Set around 12 ABY, it’s important to look back at the character’s history and understand what events have shaped her to the present. Filoni shaped the character of Ahsoka from the start, and he will almost certainly continue to work on it, even flashbacks, in her key moments. Star Wars: Clone Wars And Star Wars. Many people have started calling Ahsoka series”Rebels Season 5″, as it directly continues Ahsoka’s pursuit of Marshal Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. Ahsoka The film will be the culmination of all of Ahsoka’s animation experience to date.

36 years old

Star Wars: Timeline Ahsoka was born in 36 BBY as confirmed by Kristin Baver, Jason Fry, Cole Horton, Amy Richau and Clayton Sandell, just four years earlier Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace. This area of ​​her life includes Star Wars: The Legend of the Jedi Season 1, Episode 1, shows Ahsoka’s parents and her past story before joining the Jedi. As Togruta, Ahsoka was born to Pav-ti and Nak-il on the planet Shili during the Galactic Expansion.

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33 years old

Plo Koon met Ahsoka Tano during the Clone Wars and brought her to the Jedi Hội Guild

Like many other Force-sensitive people before her, Ahsoka demonstrated her connection to the Force from an early age. Similar to Grogu to quell Boba Fett’s grudge Boba Fett’s Book, Ahsoka demonstrated the ability to bond with animals through the Force when she stopped the saber-toothed cat, Raxshir, in her hometown. It wasn’t long before Jedi Master Prokon tracked her down, and Ahsoka was sent to Coruscant at the age of 3 in 33 BBY to be trained as a Jedi child.

22 years old

Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker in the movie Clone Wars

For the next 11 years, Ahsoka trained in the ways of the Force along with other Jedi youths. She chooses to build a green lightsaber with the help of cyborg professor Hu Yang. At the age of 14 in 22 BBY, Ahsoka was given the title of Padawan. She was later assigned to Anakin Skywalker during the Battle of Christopher Sis, year Star Wars: Clone Wars Movie. Though against Anakin’s wishes, Yoda paired Anakin and Ahsoka together in the hope that a Padawan learner would help Anakin overcome his impotence.


Ahsoka leaves Anakin Skywalker

Although Ahsoka and Anakin learned a lot from each other’s experience Clone warLater, Ahsoka was eventually betrayed by the Jedi Order and set up to bomb the Jedi Temple. Abandoned and alone, Ahsoka fled to Level 1313 on Coruscant to clear her identity. After doing so and being pardoned by the Jedi, she realizes that their apologies are not enough to undo the harm they have caused her. In 19BBY, Ahsoka decided to leave the Jedi Society, inadvertently foiling her plan to help Anakin overcome Yoda’s obsession.

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Ahsoka vs Rex in Star Wars The Clone Wars after Order 66

Shortly after leaving the Jedi Order, Ahsoka was assigned to help Bo-Katan Kriz hunt down Maul on Mandalore. Together with 332nd Company, she successfully captured Maul aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer courtHowever, disaster struck when Palpatine issued Order 66. Thanks to the training Ahsoka received from Anakin, she was able to survive the confrontation with Captain Rex and Team 332, even eliminating it. Rex’s suppression chip. She and Rex are forced to fight the many clones they fought alongside Clone warshe is finally presumed dead court dropped.

18 years old

Ahsoka fought the Inquisitor in Jedi lore.

A year after Order 66, Ahsoka adopted the codename “Ashla” to avoid detection by the Empire. Though she also went to great lengths to conceal the strength of her Force, a local farmer eventually reported her to the Empire as a secret Jedi. An unidentified Investigator was sent to fight Ahsoka, though she took advantage of his inexperience and quickly fixed his problem. This led her to accept Bail Organa’s invitation to participate in the early days of the Rebel Alliance.


Ahsoka Tano versus Darth Vader's Malachor in Star Wars Rebels.

Fifteen years later, Ahsoka is in her thirties and a rebel at heart. She’ll see you soon the spectre crew in Star Wars And worked with them many times to help weaken the Empire. During her search for Malachor’s Sith Temple, Ahsoka eventually met her former master, now Sith Lord Darth Vader. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka initially believed that Anakin was still in Vader. In the end, she is resigned to not leaving him, even if it means her own death.


Ezra and Ahsoka in the world between worlds in Star Wars Rebels.

Had it not been for Ezra Bridger’s intervention, Ahsoka would probably have died in 3 BBY. Star Wars That is possible. Bridger was able to pull Ahsoka out of a duel with Vader in 3 BBY and then brought her back Star Wars Return to Malachor’s timeline. So even though it’s been two years since the Rebel Alliance fought the Empire again, Ahsoka is still only 35 years old. Before leaving the world between worlds, Bridger tells her to find him when she returns.

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9 ABY – 11 ABY

Ahsoka Tano from The Mandalorian.

Before leaving Malachor, Ahsoka returned to the world between worlds and embarked on a spiritual journey that obscured her timeline. Finally, she’s back Star Wars timetable in time Palestinians In season 2, she met Din Djarin and Grogu on Corvus. Ahsoka learns that Bridger and Thrawn have disappeared together, and continues to search for both. Palestinians Constantly tweaking its timeline, but around 9 ABY and 11 ABY Din Djarin tries to convince Ahsoka to train Grogu. However, Ahsoka refused because she had seen, through Anakin, the effect of Jedi training on a conflicted heart.


Rosario Dawson on The Ahsoka Show

Now that Ahsoka and Dinjarin have parted, Ahsoka returns to the journey to find Marshal Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. In spite of Ahsoka The series’ timeline is yet to be officially confirmed and takes place around year 12 ABY. All of her experiences as a Jedi, Rebel, and time traveler lead to her confrontation with Thrawn. with the help of my ex the spectre Actors Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla Ahsoka attempt to end their journey by crushing Thrawn’s revived empire while keeping their promise to reunite with Bridger. With such a vast background, Ahsoka many Star Wars The legend lived by it.

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