RHOBH: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Garcelle

Season 10 real housewives of beverly hills Everything is going well and it looks like it’s already going to be a really good season. Newcomer Denise Richards was in season two, and she brought a friend with her from season 10.

Garcelle Beauvais is a model and actress, mostly known for her work in come to america.This gorgeous girl breaks the mold real housewives of beverly hills Because she was the first African-American woman to be a major cast member. While she seemed to have a relaxed presence in the group, her fresh perspective and perspective were welcomed on the show. To learn more about Bravo’s newest housewife, keep scrolling!

Garcelle is from the beautiful country of Haiti. After her parents divorced, her mother moved to the United States to start a new life for her children. A few months later, Garcelle and her siblings moved to the United States to be with their mother. Interestingly, the Haitian-born beauty moved to Massachusetts where she saw snow for the first time.

The main languages ​​in Haiti are Creole and French, and Garcelle learned English by watching children’s programs Sesame Street!

From Miami to New York

As Garcelle grew up, she wanted to get into modeling. She moved to Miami from Massachusetts and was represented by a local agency, where her love for the fashion industry began.

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After breaking into the modeling world, Garcelle moved to New York and was represented by Eileen Ford. While at Ford, she worked with high-end designers and became even more famous for her exotic looks.

She has been in this industry for a long time

Once Garcelle was fully immersed in the world of modeling, she decided to give acting a try. Like a model, she began to thrive.

Her first role was miami vice (1984-1985) Since then, she has appeared in over 75 television shows, short films, and films. Some of her more famous works are The Underground Madonna magicians, like in jamie foxx showwith Nicole Moses at family affairs.And recently, she was tell me a story Starring Veronica Garland.

She was a fan of the show before becoming an actress

Garcelle Beauvais on RHOBH

Even non-Bravo fans have heard of it real housewives Franchise. It has eight different cities and it’s hard to escape!

Garcelle was already a fan of “I’ve Never Played a Man” before appearing on the show this season. Since she has been friends with cast members Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna for many years, she was familiar with what was going on.she told women’s health magazine Her management team voted against the show, but she wanted to do something new and “outside the box.”

She has famous exes

Mike Nealon Garcelle Beauvais The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Like many of the other housewives on the series, Garcelle has dated some pretty famous faces and names. She recently broke up with Michael Elliott and on the show she admitted to dating Will Smith! Interestingly, she was also a friend of Will’s first wife, Sheree Zampino.

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Garcelle was also married twice. She talked on the show about her second marriage to agent Mike Nylon (which ended in divorce after he had a five-year affair), but she was also married to Daniel Sanders for nearly 10 years.

She has a podcast!

With Garcelle’s impeccable voice and fame, a podcast made perfect sense as the actress’ next step.The podcast is called Go to bed with Garcelle Produced by Radio Point. Podcast topics will be based on lifestyle, relationships, and intimacy. She lets celebrity fans join her on her podcast to talk about personal stories and perspectives on relationships.

Go to bed with Garcelle The show has been picked up for one season, airing on May 7. The show has 26 episodes in total, each episode is half an hour long.

She is the author of a children’s book

Just in case fans think Garcelle is just another pretty face, buckle up; she’s also a children’s book author! In 2013, Garcelle published a book titled I am a hybrid, Based on the real-life experience of her sons growing up in a blended family.

A year later in 2014, she wrote I live in two homes (based on children living with divorced parents) and I am awesome 2015 (celebrating the unique characteristics of children that make them them).

She filmed three things at once while filming ‘RHOBH’

Garcelle Beauvais on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

fans Robha Might remember the argument between Kyle and Dorit about “having a life.” Dorit claims she “has a life of her own,” which is why she’s late to Teddy’s event. This makes Kyle uncomfortable because her life also includes filming movies, reality TV, and being a wife and mother.

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Garcelle hasn’t joined the fray yet, but she totally should because she’s busy, too.She not only photographed real housewives of beverly hillsbut she is also filming a TV series tell me a story in Tennessee and Coming soon 2 usa In Georgia!

She’s on the cover of Playboy!

Some of the most beautiful and famous women in the world have posed for the covers of Vogue magazine. playboy. When Hugh Hefner was alive and in charge of the magazine, only the most coveted stars would grace the cover.

What many new fans don’t realize is that Garcelle was featured on playboy In August 2007, the 40-year-old actress jumped at the chance to shoot for a magazine. As she puts it, “Who knows what my body will look like, maybe we should document it now.”

Her best friend is a celebrity

It seems like every Real Housewife has friends in high places, and Garcelle is no exception. One of her best friends is actually actor Jamie Foxx! She met him on his Fox show in the ’90s and has been close friends ever since. In fact, their close relationship has many fans wondering if the two ever dated.

she told Huffington Post Live Dating Fox was too “awkward” for their friendship. If two people break up, it’s hard to work together and enjoy each other’s friendship, so they agree not to date again.

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