Siesta Key’s Juliette & Meghan Reconcile After Instagram Fight

nap button Stars Juliette Porter and Megan Bischoff are back together after the latest Instagram spat. Ahead of the premiere of the new episode, Juliet shared a preview on her Instagram Story, which shows Meghan talking to Jordana Barnes. Juliette said Meghan’s voice was like a nail on a blackboard. Meghan was quick to respond, saying she was happy to live in Juliet’s head, not paying rent. The feud between the stars started when Meghan started dating shortly after Sam Logan and Juliet broke up. Juliet and Meghan temporarily calmed down, but their relationship began to fall apart when Meghan spread rumors that Juliet’s current boyfriend was flirting with her.

Fortunately, Juliet and Meghan have left their Instagram spat and are on better terms now. Instagram account @mtv_reality_teaa retweeted Juliet’s Instagram story of her hanging out with Meghan on a boat in Miami. “We talked,” Juliette wrote, tagging Meghan before adding a bunch of smiling emojis.

While some warned Juliet about keeping Meghan away from her boyfriend Clark Drumme, others were curious to know more about how Juliet and Meghan made up. Some fan comments discussing the latest post nap button In the end, on Meghan’s side or on Jordana’s side. One fan said they were happy to see Meghan standing up for herself, while another expressed outrage at the way Meghan spoke to Jordana.

Jordana Barnes has a crush on Sam Logan

In a recent episode, Jordana admitted that she started developing feelings for her old friend Sam, something everyone has suspected since she joined. nap buttonJuliet had doubts about Jordana when she was dating Sam, and earlier this season Meghan cut ties with Sam because of Sam’s close friendship with Jordana. Megan doesn’t like Jordana living in Sam’s house and wants Sam to kick her out to continue their relationship. In this episode, Megan confronts Jordana and tells her that Sam has never been and will never like her, so she should stop trying to rob him of other women.

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Meghan’s latest image of Jordana nap button The plot is very impolite. However, so are Juliet’s comments about Meghan on her Instagram Story. Sometimes, two people with different personalities, no matter how hard they try, will never be friends. If this is the case for Juliet and Meghan, they should accept and live apart. No need to cover each other up on social media. The two have a responsibility to speak up and hopefully they will keep a close relationship for the sake of the show.

It’s unlikely that these two will ever become best friends or go out alone, but it’s easier on everyone if they don’t completely hate each other. Hopefully Juliet apologizes to Meghan for the rude Instagram comment, but Meghan should also apologize for starting this drama with Clark. Perhaps Meghan and Jordana can reconcile next if Meghan admits to the rude things she said, which seems to really hurt Jordana’s feelings. in spite of, nap button Fans should let the stars go one step at a time.

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