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Anicka Vikhramman Wiki:- Popular model and actress Anicka Vikhramman. In Telugu and Kannada movies, she is a famous actress. She was born on July 2, 1995 in Bengaluru, Karnataka as a 27 year old female.

He belonged to a middle-class family. Jasmine, a 2019 Tamil film, served as the basis for her career. So she reads on to find out everything there is to know about actress Anicki Vikhraman.

Anicka Vikhramman Wiki

Anika Vikraman, also known as Nair Rupashree, Anika Vikraman, Anika, Roopa, is a model from India. 27 years old (July 2, 1995) Born in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Until now, Anika Vikraman has worked in Kollywood and her artwork has been released in Tamil language films.

Indian performer Anicka Vikhraman mainly acts in Tamil and Malayalam films. In 2019, she made her acting debut in the Tamil film Jasmine, directed by Jegansaai. She had the main role in the movie “IKK”. She is also a member of Vishamakaran and Enga Pattan Sothu.

anicka vikhraman

accused ex boyfriend

Anicka Vikhraman, a Malayalam actress, has opened up about her terribly abusive relationship with her previous boyfriend. The actress posted photos of herself on Facebook with severe injuries, dark circles under her eyes and bruises. On Facebook, she posted photos of herself with severe injuries and dark circles under her eyes.

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She insisted that her ex-boyfriend “attacked” her. Anička spoke in a detailed announcement and claimed that she was receiving “threatening calls”. She claimed to have returned to work and made a full recovery. She added: “Despite putting these incidents behind me, I receive threatening calls and my family and I are constantly humiliated.

anicka vikhraman accusedanicka vikhraman accused

Parents and education

One of the most talented and attractive models in this field is Anicka Vikhraman. Anicka Vikhraman was born into a middle-class Hindu home. She began studying education in her hometown before moving to a neighboring city for higher education.

She finished her education and has been actively involved in modeling since her college days. As seen on her Instagram account, she promotes a variety of products in the beauty, clothing, food, and electronics industries.

anicka vikhraman familyanicka vikhraman family

body measurements

Anicka Vikhraman is currently in 2021 and is approximately 26 years old. Anicka Vikhraman is approximately 5.6 feet tall. She maintains her weight for a perfect body shape because she is very health conscious. Dark brown and black are the colors of Anicka Vikhraman’s eyes and hair. Her hands and ankles were also covered in tattoos.

net worth

Anicka Vikhraman’s main sources of income are Tik-Tok videos, acting, and company endorsement. Although Anicka Vikhraman’s earnings for this year have yet to be determined, it is likely that she will receive a pay increase comparable to that of 2022.



Q.1 What is Anicka Vikhraman’s net worth?

Answer Not available.

Q.2 Is Anicka Vikhraman married?

Answer no.

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Q.3 How old is Anicka Vikhraman?

Answer 27 years old

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