Animals never forget how you changed their lives. The seagull visits the man who saved her life every day for the past twelve years.

One day, 80-year-old Jack Smith was walking along the beach when he came across a seagull with a broken leg.

He was confused and didn’t know what to do when the next day, when he returned from the sea, he discovered that seagull again.

The seagull cannot fly and it cannot survive without food because its legs are in bad shape.

Smith realized he couldn’t just leave the seagull alone, so he started bringing the seagull cookies he’d bought for his dog, and quickly noticed that the bird’s legs were slowly fading. recuperate. Every day, Jack goes to the beach to feed him.

The seagull has been given the adorable name Chippy and he trusts this man more and more.

The albatross recovered and flew away in early spring, returning in September of the same year, not forgetting to visit Jack.

And for the next 12 years, the seagull flew to the beach every day to visit his savior. Every day Jack goes there to breathe in the sea air and sees his furry friend an albatross perched or flying nearby. Chippy always just flies to Jack.

Animals are smarter than we think, can sense and recognize emotions. Great story!!!!

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