Avengers: Secret Wars Can Pay Off The Most Ridiculous Endgame Meme

if you think Avengers: Game overThe beautiful portal scene is impressive, secret war May completely exceed your expectations. The upcoming Avengers fusion is a perfect opportunity to bring the setting of Endgame to not just 11 people, but to a degree of extreme absurdity, and the foundation already laid in Marvel’s Phase 4 multiverse. even better is, secret war can make the most stupid people stupid Endgame Memes come to life.

next EndgameUpon release, Wakanda’s portal scene culminated, and the return of heroes led by Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange immediately became the norm for the Marvel Universe. That will always be the high standard by which to judge the Avengers movies, until future Avengers movies do something even more spectacular.exist secret war – more specifically in the two upcoming Avengers movies – Marvel Studios has a chance to make Portal seem mediocre by comparison. Do like that, secret war It’s also possible to turn the fan genius edit that teased the Portal scene into a standard of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers: Secret Wars Might Have Marvel’s Craziest Cameo

this Endgame The meme in question re-edits the Wakanda Portal scene to include non-MMC Marvel movie characters and increasingly silly cameos from Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and many other DC movie actors, among others. As a story that abruptly escalates, the joke is a wonderful thing, and various fan versions have further tweaked this, ultimately removing any sense of restraint in the “literal people” final cut.

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Despite the obvious absurdity involved, the meme is a fun topic of conversation for everyone secret waras it provides a winning path for the upcoming sequel Endgameimportant time. Including non-Marvel cameos – including James McAvoy as Charles Xavier – have been rumored ever since. secret war The announcement should certainly be welcomed, as literally everyone is weaponized, filled with earnest nostalgia. Because no matter how closely Marvel regulates the events of the Secret Wars comics, the concept of a multiverse Battleworld works best when all constraints are removed.

overcome Avengers: Game overno matter who does secret war The absurd needs to be applauded and accepted that nothing is impossible when there can be Marvel cameos. If a variety variation of a certain character can join the fight, it should; if Robert Downey Jr. can return, it should be a priority; if there is a chance to win X-Men: Days of Future PastThis is without a doubt a truly exceptional cast of mutants that made their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although there may be concerns Star Wars– Like a cameo in a toy box, this is exactly what secret war It should be like this: you don’t pick it up without making full use of the concept.

Can the MCU’s multiverse cameo jump sharks?

Spider-Man No Return Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield

the only regret is secret war For what it’s worth, MCU Phase 4 stole some potential thunder, introducing fun, nostalgic cameos. Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire return Spider-Man: Impossible The house is supposed to be a blueprint for what might happen in the future secret war, but they’ve set the bar so high that the sequel is sure to be even more impressive. After them, even Sir Patrick Stewart appeared in Professor X. Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse It falls down a little flat. secret war If done wrong, any potential cameo could play out the same way and Hugh Jackman’s Werewolf return is stolen. deadpool 3there are very few playable options.

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In fact, Maguire and Garfield may be heavily advertised again, but they can’t be the only ones. If Secret Wars takes it a step further and produces another spectacularly memorable moment, we’ll have to see the original X-Men, the second-generation X-Men, Nick Cage’s Ghost Rider, David Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury, every member of the Hulk, all three members of the Fantastic Four, and so on. Yes, this all sounds like a lot, but Avengers: Secret War By its own design, it does all this without any complicated explanation.

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