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Ayesha Shroff

Ayesha Shroff also known as Ayesha Dutt is an Indian film producer, former model and actress. She is famous for being the wife of Indian actor Jackie Shroff. Indian actor Tiger Shroff is her son.


Aisha was born in Turkmenistan on Sunday, June 5, 1960 (age 63; as of 2023). Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She studied at Bombay University, Mumbai.


Height (approximately): 5′7″

Hair color: black

Eye color: hazel green

Ayesha Shroff


Her father is Bangladeshi and her mother is Belgian.

Parents and siblings

Her father Ranjan Dutt served as Air Lieutenant General in the Royal Indian Air Force (1940-1947) and the Indian Air Force (1947-1968). Her mother, Claude Marie Dutt De Cavey, was of Belgian-French origin.

Ayesha Shroff's father

Ayesha Shroff’s father

Aisha Shroff's mother

Aisha Shroff’s mother

wife and children

Ayesha was hanging on the school bus when she first met famous Indian actor Jackie Shroff when she was about 13 years old. He approached her and casually introduced himself. He mentioned that he enjoyed playing with his friends in the neighborhood. The next time Ayesha and Jackie meet is in a record store.

Ayesha Shroff and Jackie Shroff old photos

Ayesha Shroff and Jackie Shroff old photos

Ayesha wants to buy some records, and when Jackie offers to help her, Ayesha realizes how attractive he is. Ayesha then decided to marry Jackie. They quickly became friends and started dating. They were married on June 5, 1987, Ayesha’s birthday.

Ayesha Shroff wedding photos

Ayesha Shroff wedding photos

However, Ayesha’s mother was not happy with her choice to marry a boy who lived in a small housing estate and had no stable job. In an interview, she said of the incident,

When I started dating my husband, my mother totally banned it because he was like “Jaggu dada”. Of course, some people will stop your ears and say “He’s such a bad boy.” So I used to sneak out and see him. Finally one day I told my mom, “You know mom, he may not be the richest man in the world, but he is the kindest person and he will make me happy.” She said, ‘How are you going to live there,’ Because we were staying at Teen Batti Chawl at that time. “

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On March 2, 1990, the couple gave birth to a son named Tiger Shroff, who is an actor. On January 21, 1993, the couple gave birth to a girl named Krishna Shroff, who is a famous social media personality.

Ayesha Shroff with husband and son

Ayesha Shroff with husband and son

Aisha Shroff's children

Aisha Shroff’s children


In 2014, he reportedly dated Indian actor and fitness coach Sahil Khan.

Ayesha Shroff and Sahil Khan

Ayesha Shroff and Sahil Khan



When she was a teenager, she won an Indian teen beauty pageant. She then competed in the Miss Teen World competition in Manila. However, she was eliminated before the finals. She won the title of Most Popular Girl in the Miss Teen World competition. Ayesha then did some modeling work and television commercials.



She made her debut as a film producer in 2000 with the Hindi film Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain. She has also produced some other Hindi films such as Grahan (2001), Boom (2003) and Sandhya (2003). In 2007, she served as a producer on the British film Bombil and Beatrice.


In 1984, she appeared in the Hindi film “Teri Baahon Mein” as Kanchi.

Terry Bachon Mayne

Terry Bachon Mayne

In 1983, she appeared in a television commercial for Campa Cola.


On July 11, 1996, Ayesha and her husband Jackie Shroff launched a film production company, Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited. She also held a stake in Sony TV, which she sold.


Boating with Sahil Khan

In 2009, there were rumors that she was dating Indian actor and fitness entrepreneur Sahil Khan, who was 17 years her junior. Initially, Sahil Khan denied the rumors of their relationship. Later, he told reporters in an interview that Ayesha asked him to return all the gifts she had given him. In November 2014, Ayesha filed a fraud case against Sahil for non-repayment of Rs 8 crore. She also filed a defamation suit against Sahil for defamation. In February 2015, during a court hearing, Sahil Khan’s lawyers submitted intimate photos of him and Ayesha as evidence of their relationship. Sahil told the court that Ayesha asked him to quit a job with a salary of Rs 60,000 and abandoned Sahil when her son Tiger made a hit film. His lawyer said,

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Sahil did not return the gifts, which were an expensive car, an expensive watch and a pair of diamond earrings that Ayesha had asked him to buy with the money she gave to her husband. If she said they were in a business relationship, then why did she let Sahil buy these things for her? “

When Ayesha was asked about the incident in court, she claimed that Sahil was a homosexual and there was no way she could have a relationship with him. Her lawyer said,

The photos should not be admissible in court as they are irrelevant to the issue at hand. Also, if you (the defense) show such photos, we need the source because they may be distorted. We need custody of Sahil so we can investigate the cheating, his unreturned gifts, and the cell phone on which the photos were taken. “

In March 2015, the two parties reached a settlement on the matter. The court asked Sahil to apologize to Ayesha Shroff and her family for defaming her image in public. Later, Ayesha withdrew the case filed against Sahil. The matter came into the limelight again in 2018 when Ayesha Shroff was accused of accessing Sahil Khan’s call log details. According to a major newspaper,

The two got into a dispute and she allegedly obtained the actor’s CDR and handed it over to her lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui. “


  • on her right hand
    Ayesha Shroff’s tattoo on her right hand

    Ayesha Shroff’s tattoo on her right hand

  • on her right forearm
    Ayesha Shroff's tattoos

    Ayesha Shroff’s tattoos


  • According to her Instagram account, she is the promoter of The Matrix Battle Night.
  • In her spare time, she likes to write poetry.
  • She is fluent in multiple languages ​​including French, German, English and Hindi.
  • In a talk show, Ayesha Shroff revealed that her family went bankrupt after her film Boom (2002) failed at the box office due to piracy. Her husband Jackie Shroff then decided to pay off the debt and even rented his house in the process. They ended up losing their house when the movie failed. She further said that when her son Tiger Shroff made his debut in Hindi films, he promised Ayesha that he would buy a new house for her. Speaking about those days in an interview, her husband Jackie Shroff said:

    I know we tried some things and lost some things. If I have to pay, I will pay. I tried my best to repay everyone and make my family famous. Business I go up and down and Tahi Hai, Yezaroli Nahi Haiji om Hamesha Uppal Shilahenge. Kabhi upar niche and tahai but you need to know how to stay sane and moral. “

  • In 2023, Ayesha filed a cheating case under sections 420, 408, 465, 467 and 468 of the IPC at the Santacruz police station in Mumbai against the accused Alan Fernandez, accusing him of cheating Ayesha of Rs 58 lakh. According to multiple sources, Fernandez has been appointed as the director of operations for Tiger Shroff’s MMA Matrix company. The company offers mixed martial arts training. Ayesha oversees the daily activities at the gym. The defendant organized a total of 11 events in India and outside India through the company and collected a large amount of money. The total fees collected between December 2018 and January 2023 exceeded 5.8 million rupees in the company’s bank account.
  • She is an avid animal lover and has a pet cat named JD.
    Ayesha Shroff and her pet cat

    Ayesha Shroff and her pet cat

  • To stay in shape, she regularly goes to the gym.
    Ayesha Shroff in the gym

    Ayesha Shroff in the gym

  • Ayesha Shroff follows a non-vegetarian diet.
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