Big Brother: Why Kyle & Alyssa May Be Lying About Breakup Reason

Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider from oldest brother May have lied to fans about the real reason why they broke up recently. Both Kyle and Alyssa competed oldest brother Season 24 of the hit reality show aired last summer. The two hit it off and quickly cooperated.

between oldest brother In season 24, Kyle found himself embroiled in a racial argument that eventually led to his breakup with Alyssa. While talking about the game, Kyle accused the house’s minorities of collaborating to form something like oldest brother Season 23 of The Cookout. When the family found out what Kyle had said, Alyssa decided it was better for them to keep their distance. Soon after these claims emerged, Kyle was brought before a jury by his tenants. Three weeks later, Alisa was also kicked out of the house oldest brother House. The two were finally able to figure out their differences. After the season ended, Kyle and Alyssa mended their relationship.

Big Brother fans think Kyle and Alyssa lied about why they broke up

Kyle and Alyssa announced their split at the end of January after a long vacation to Europe together. At the time, Kyle insisted he needed to take time to heal and focus on his mental health. Now, there is some speculation that this is not the real reason. Among the deleted tweets, the Twitter account spoiled girl 1 A list of possible reasons for the breakup was shared. They were sent by an anonymous fan about why Kyle and Alyssa might have lied.

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As Kyle continues to post his usual content on social media, this leads to the suggestion that he is not really dealing with mental health issues. oldest brother The fan account tweeted, “If someone has a mental health problem, they stay away from social media. As you know, social media is very toxicThe allegation goes on to assert that Kyle is not upset about the breakup at all, although his recent posts suggest that Alyssa may not feel the same way.

Big Brother’s Alyssa is angry about the breakup

Although initially, many oldest brother Fans didn’t think Kyle and Alyssa would get back together after the off-season, and it shocked many when they did. Now, after the breakup, Alyssa is under pressure from fans. Fans were annoyed when Alyssa unfollowed him on Instagram as Kyle said the breakup was mainly due to his mental health issues. SpoilerGirl1’s tweet explains that fans think Alyssa unfollowed Kyle because Alyssa didn’t want to hear him talk about her mental health. However, it’s really him.”lie“Fans started to hate Brothers Although the full story is not known, Alyssa is said to not support Kyle.

Overall, the main assumption is that Kyle used his mental health as an excuse when announcing his breakup with Alyssa to fans. There are various conjectures oldest brother Fans talk about the real reasons the couple decided to split, including that Kyle may not be ready for a committed relationship. In addition, frequent travel to see each other can also affect the duo. Kyle and Alyssa have not talked about the breakup since then. oldest brother The couple first announced it in January.

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source: spoiled girl 1/Twitter

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