One Shonen Jump Series Just Radically Reinvented Two Big Tropes

warning! Contains reveal for Akane-banashi Episode 48!

Akane always one of the non-jumpingThe most innovative new manga since the series began, and its latest chapter proves it once again by radically combining two classic teen genres. Written by Yuki Suenaga, with Takamasa Moe as the artist, the play tells the story of a young girl Akane trying to become a master of classical Japanese Rakugo. That premise alone challenged the idea of ​​what a shounen series could be, and manga has lived up to that revolutionary spirit by continually reinventing the forms of adaptations on which the genre is based.

In Chapter 48, the comic does it again with a twist on classic teenage friendships. When explaining her philosophy of storytelling, Akane tells her new mentor, Urara, that she wants to treat every story she tells as a friend to her. Given that the exact nature of a friendship changes over the time two people get to know each other, Akane says that means the way she tells her story also changes over time. Many teen stories revolve around the protagonist making various allies, and given that Akane’s main goal now is to learn more about the story, her philosophy nicely reflects the teen story. this classic. But it becomes more creative considering that these rakugo stories are equivalent to the fighting moves in other shounen manga.

Akane Combine fighting and friendship in a new way

exist Akane The battles are not physical but based on rakugo-based performances. Nowhere is this more evident than in the comics’ tournament arc, in which different fighters tell their stories in different ways in an attempt to impress the competition’s judges. Each performer’s style can be likened to a more typical fighting style in comics, and each story can be likened to a specific technique. Bringing that into the rest of the series means that Akane befriending her new story is the equivalent of fighting manga characters befriending their new moves or using their friends. they do the attack.

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It’s an incredibly innovative idea that few other movies have attempted. chainsaw manArguably, the second installment is working on that idea with Asa’s War Devil powers, but in that case, Asa will kill anyone she uses as a weapon. AkaneA look at this idea is more in keeping with the hopeful spirit of the tropics it is renewing, as Sissy will be able to reenact her story over and over and form healthier friendships with them.

Akaneinnovation achievements non-jumpingThe most interesting comics

Akane and friends at Akane-banashi

in all Akane’Of all the innovations, Akane’s friendship may be the most interesting. It essentially turns a manga battle into an affirmation of friendship, adding depth to the surprisingly hyped rakugo battle in the manga. So by deftly redefining two classic teen antics, Akane cements its status as one of the best manga of all time non-jumping.

Akane Chapter 48 can be read from Viz Media.

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