Bleach Reveals The True Powers And New Form Of Ichigo’s Sword

Warning: Revealing the contents of Reaper: Millennium Blood War Episode 13

After Swastika was destroyed, Ichigo Kurosaki re-forged his sword and unleashed its true power in the final part of the first half of the season. God of Death: The Thousand Years’ Blood War. The Zanpakutō has been in Ichigo’s life ever since he became a Shinigami, but before he can unleash his true form, he needs to understand the secret source of his power.

Like all Shinigami, Ichigo also has a Zanpakutō, a soul sword, which he uses to fight and purify beings known as the void, before sending their souls to the afterlife. . Each Zanpakutō has a unique appearance, strength, and personality. Ichigo’s knives are called Zangetsu and use a large khyber sword in his Shikai (first version) and a black Daito sword in his Bankai. Zanzuki’s spirit always appears in the inner world of Ichigo (a kind of mental landscape) with long, shaggy hair- look at the middle-aged man, but in the two parts of the finale between God of Death: The Thousand Years’ Blood War It is revealed that Ichigo actually knows nothing about his sword.

in episode 13 God of Death: The Thousand Years’ Blood Wartitled “the blade is meIchigo returns to Hoohden, the palace of Nimaiya Oetsu of Zero Division, creator of all Zanpakutō. After Ichigo initially failed to obtain a new sword after his 卍节 was destroyed in his battle with Yhwach, Nimaiya sent him back to Earth, where he discovered that his mother was actually Quincy. . With a new understanding of his own nature, Ichigo begins to recast Zangetsu. He confronts what he believes to be the Sword Spirit, who reveals that he is actually a remnant of Ichigo Quincy. Ichigo’s determination to reconcile the two parts of his soul and use them in battle led to the new, re-forged Zangeki consisting of two separate black swords.

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Ichigo’s new Zangeki perfectly represents his evolution

The larger blade represents Ichigo’s inner hollow, a manifestation of his Death/Hollow powers. The smaller sword represents what Ichigo calls “the old man”, now shown as a manifestation of his Quincy powers. While the power of this new Zan Moon’s possession is still a mystery (and even the comics don’t accurately represent that), the heat of the blade re-forging instantly vaporizes seawater without Nemea is used to forge the blade. It’s clear that Ichigo’s new Zanpakutō presents a difficult balance between his different personalities. In fact, Ichigo is the son of Death and Quincy, who infected Hollow. His unique personality is reflected in the dual nature of his sword, which is also his only chance to defeat the mighty Quincy Emperor Yuvahe.

The final episode of Season 1 of Bleach: Millennium Blood War revealed the shocking secret of Ichigo’s origins and gave fans a glimpse of his true powers that will be revealed in the second half of the anime. Ichigo’s sword “Zangetsu” has accompanied him through countless battles, and the re-forged sword perfectly represents Ichigo’s evolution as a character and his acceptance of who he really is. that.

God of Death: The Thousand Years’ Blood War It is currently streaming on Hulu and Disney+.

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