“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” Fans Get Emotional As Uncle Nino Discusses His Previous Marriage

On Thursday night, September 15, 2022, Jersey Shore: MTV’s Family Vacation is back with a brand new episode, and this week Uncle Nino went to San Diego to spend time with the cast. Conflict aside, episode 25 is more interesting, with the actors trying to get Vinny and Angelina to kiss. While fans cheered for Vinny and Angelina, they were also happy to see Uncle Nino. But they were surprised at Uncle Nina’s emotional side.

In a conversation with Angelina about the relationship and divorce, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation actor said he still has not forgotten his first wife despite being married later. Fans who saw Uncle Nino talking about his past were saddened and quickly took to social media to express their opinions.

In Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Uncle Nino tells Angelina about his first marriage.

Vinny’s uncle, Nino Giaimo, has joined the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in San Diego. Things get interesting when people go on a gondola excursion. Vinny started bragging that he had dated over 300 women and Uncle Nino more than 500.

On the other hand, Uncle Nino enthusiastically corrected his nephew. He explored it:

“I’d say 3,000, no problem.” Six times a week for 12 years. You find it.”

Uncle Nino is known for his wit and humour. He always knows how to make the atmosphere happy and make everyone laugh. But to everyone’s surprise, when he was alone with Angelina, he seemed to get serious. Angelina went through a divorce from her estranged husband Chris. So she asked Uncle Nino how he had mended his previous divorce:

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You are also divorced. Was it difficult for you or did you just finish?”

Uncle Nino said that he was very sad when he got divorced for the first time. However, when it came to his second marriage, he said he was relieved that there was no such thing. Angelina can’t wait to ask him about his depression after his previous marriage. Uncle Nino emotional revealed:

“There was so much love, so deep and so intimate. It was the state of my heart and soul. It was a terrible story, but she couldn’t have children.”

During the conversation, Angelina said that Nino has been through a lot of things, but it is clear that despite everything, he still loves his first wife. He opened his heart and said that his first wife wanted to be friends with him, but he couldn’t put his heart into it. He declared:

“I was so in love with her.”

Uncle Nino

Fans who saw Uncle Nino open up about his history took to social media to express their love for the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation actor.

Fans expressed gratitude to Uncle Nino after he revealed details about his first wife on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Angelina and Uncle Nino’s adorable bonding moment was announced on Twitter. Others said they had never seen him in this light before.

The bonding moment with Uncle Nina and Ange is so sweet #jsobiteljskiodmor

– Ivette (@eve_215) September 16, 2022

Beard. Uncle Nino just moved to the next level. In all seriousness. #JSFFamily Vacation

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– Samantha Perry (@Sammy_Lynn_P) September 16, 2022

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