Brain Teaser: Can you spot the weird one among these crying face emoticons within 3 seconds?

Get over Monday with an enchanting set of brain teasers. Brain teasers are puzzles that require creativity, not a mathematical equation. It is significant that brain teasers strengthen connections between brain cells, improve mental speed and effectively improve short-term memory. Enough words, now get into action and find the weirdo in this emoticon picture puzzle. The timer is on!

Can you find the unusual emoji in this crying face picture puzzle?

Brain teasers require an unconventional way of thinking, but sometimes involve a great quantitative approach. Unlike the picture above, you have to find the unusual face in the picture puzzle. Although the answer is right in front of you, using similar colors and identical images worked well.

Yes, it will be difficult as the name suggests, a brain teaser. But don’t look for an answer before you try it twice.

Also, test your spontaneity by spotting an unusual latch in a row of locks.

Find the answer to the puzzle here:

A brain teaser is essentially a thought puzzle, solved using logic. So, with each attempt, you will improve your thinking and decision-making skills. The brain game will also help to find new solutions and stimulate critical intuitive power.

Here, the user’s goal is to find a weird emoji among other crying face emojis. However, the trickiest part of this puzzle is placing all the emojis.

Enough suspense and soft music in the background, let’s jump to the answer.

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The image is divided into 5 rows and 10 columns, which means that there are a total of 50 images in the image. Isn’t it easy for you to quickly go through all the rows and columns to find the unusual one in the picture?

Hooray if you have successfully spotted all the hidden words. But if you are still missing the answer, scroll down to row 4 and column 7 of the image. You’ll find the intruder here because it’s the only image with a different eye expression compared to the other emojis.

See the picture below to find out the correct position of the intruder.

unusual emoji is here

Are you smart enough to spot the student who is cheating in the classroom?

Hello! This brain teaser only required a simple test of your observational ability. Keep enjoying more of them to improve your cognitive and problem-solving skills and memory sharpness. Also, bookmark Jagran Josh so you never miss this interesting series of brain teasers.

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