‘Bubble Puppy’ can finally live in the real world

When Kathryn, the veterinarian, first met baby Sally, she was in a very bad state. The puppy was given to her by a breeder who could no longer care for her. Sally has pneumonia and is having trouble breathing. The vet said it was “blue”.

Kathryn made sure that Sally was able to get the required amount of oxygen in a container or “bubble” of oxygen. As soon as she placed Sally inside the bubble, she realized she needed oxygen and would have to stay in it for a long time.

The poor puppy has trouble breathing, so it goes without saying that his lungs need a boost.

Kathryn cared for Sally in and out of her oxygen chamber for days or weeks. However, the fighting dog cannot leave his bubble as he will run out of air in just a few seconds.

Despite her disability, Sally said she wants to be a normal dog. She often shows things to her guardians with her hands, such as kissing her bubble wall and peeking. The dog wants to play and live like any other dog, but its body doesn’t allow it.

Kathryn didn’t just give up the stray dog. During the healing and strengthening of the puppy, they often brought Sally and her balloon so she could see something other than the four sides of her oxygen chamber. It stays that way until the puppy starts scratching its bladder, making it clear that it wants out.

She managed only 15 seconds outside of her bubble. Despite having difficulty breathing, Sally still wanted to get out of her cocoon and see the outside world. Kathryn decided to make her dog’s short trips outside the bubble a regular occurrence. This is also good for the dog’s lungs as it helps them stay active. So over the next few days, they take Sally out of her bubble on short trips.

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Over the weeks, Kathryn spent more time between Sally’s oxygen support. Without the help of oxygen, 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

Sally was fine, but Kathryn decided to put her back in her bladder just to be on the safe side. But Sally escaped before she could close the door of the oxygen chamber. That day she made it clear that she no longer wanted to be there.

Once the puppy had gotten everything, Bonnie, one of Kathryn’s co-workers, brought her in. Bonnie is also there while Sally gets stronger. Her new family and canine siblings adopted her immediately.

Sally walks in the park for the first time, goes to her first pool party, picks up her first toy, and more. She is no longer that sick puppy, and now lives in the real world out there.

Watch the video below to learn more about this interesting story.

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