Daej And His Sister Viral Video Twitter Clip Leave Reddit Scandalized!

The lockdown played an important role in gaining fame for many people because at that time people were free and had nothing to do, which ultimately allowed them to spend most of their time on social media, which they use to post different content. and accumulate good fans. Although it is not easy to increase the number of followers because a person has to be frequent and constant on social networks. But sometimes their little content goes viral and puts them in the spotlight. One such social media person is in the news after she posted a video of him along with her sister on Reddit and Twitter, and now it’s going viral on other platforms as well.

Viral video of Daej and his sister

The video belongs to Dae and his sister and has now caused a stir on social media. However, the video has been removed, but still, some people have already downloaded it and are sharing it with each other. This video was quite shocking to many as both of them were seen doing shameful acts and thus it was removed from social media. Despite knowing that it is illegal to share intimate content without permission, many people still do it and end up breaking the rules of the internet. When we talk about a viral video, it was first posted on Twitter and then it went viral on other platforms as well.

Within seconds, it starts getting popular on other websites as well. As we mentioned earlier, both of them were seen doing something inappropriate that appeared to be a sexual act, which several of them found disturbing. Twitter users immediately called for the video to be removed, with several reporting it. Twitter removed the video, but before it had already gone viral and was seen by thousands of people. Reports say that when the video was removed from Twitter, it began circulating on Reddit.

It came back to light and gathered millions of views. Not only that, but Reddit users are getting offended after watching and several calls or requests to ban Dae on social media. It is not yet known who posted this video, but it is actually creating a lot of controversy. Some reports indicate that the video was posted from Daejhasirizz’s Twitter handle, and now this tag has been removed as well. People are waiting for statements from Dae related to this matter, but he hasn’t said anything so far. This incident has raised concerns about the safety of minors on social media and calls for stricter content rules.

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Viral video of Daej and his sister

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