You could have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the cake shaped like a product hidden in this supermarket aisle

You might be hawk-eyed if you can spot this cake well hidden amid the royal items in this supermarket aisle.

The pastry chef challenged the viewers to try to find out where she hid the cake, which is the same shape, size and color as the existing product in the store.


A woman challenged viewers to see the cake she baked Credit: TikTok/@tigga_macIt has the form of a transient product.


It is shaped like a product in the hallway Credit: TikTok/@tigga_macpeople were confused


People were confused Credit: TikTok/@tigga_mac

Dressed in a blue jumpsuit and a black T-shirt underneath, she said, “Okiedokie, I just hid a cake on this shelf at Woolies and I want you to try and find it.”

He then stepped back as the camera panned the shelves, showing bottles of olive oil, cans of tuna and sweet corn, as well as several bottles of salsa.

Tigga Maccormack from Melbourne, Australia, walked by before pointing to different parts of the hallway to confuse onlookers.

“Have you seen?” she then asked before the video came to an end.

“CAN YOU FIND THE CAKE!?” he added in the description.

Do you think you are up for the challenge? Try to find it yourself!

Others have tried and failed in the past and flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the optical illusion.

“WHAT IS THAT?” wrote one frustrated person.

Another said: “Oil or tuna?? I’m not sure though, maybe I’m wrong,” while a third said, “Oh, you’re kidding!”

Tigga, also known as @tigga-mac on the social media platform TikTok, then posted another video, in which she revealed what the cake really was and where it was hidden.

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Sneaking down the aisle, she laughed before looking around and picking up a huge cake garnished with Moro brand extra virgin olive oil.

Taking a big bite of the frozen cake, she laughed as she turned to the camera.

“This was the BIGGEST cake we’ve ever hidden on a supermarket shelf!” she wrote in the description with a surprise emoji.

Did you guess right?

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He did it in the form of a huge vat of olive oil.


He made it in the shape of a huge tub of olive oil Credits: TikTok/@tigga_mac

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