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William Shackel Nuclear Wiki – William Shackel is a visionary entrepreneur and advocate for nuclear power. He proved to be the driving force behind Australia’s nuclear ambitions. He is the founder of the organization Nuclear for Australia, which is the first youth-led campaign to end nuclear ban in Australia.

William has attracted national publicity in recent months with his Nuclear for Australia campaign group. On May 14, 2023, he uploaded a video to social media documenting a trip to Canberra, where he hopes to petition Parliament.

Peter FitzSimons praised her passion but claimed she was out of line speaking about the video. Peter wrote,

“Onya for your passion, young man, inappropriate as that is. I must correct myself, but isn’t nuclear power the most expensive to produce?”

‘Why do it, when renewable sources are booming and cheap? Construction takes 10 years? IS THERE ANYONE out there, who would welcome a large or small reactor nearby?’

William told 6 News,

‘Nuclear power is a truly unique solution because, unlike fossil fuels, nuclear power is safe and clean.’

“Unlike renewables, it’s reliable and that’s very, very important.”

“That’s why I support nuclear power because I think it’s the solution Australia really needs.”

In this article, you will know about William Shackel Nuclear Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Parents, Girlfriend, Nationality, Net worth and much more.

William Shackel Nuclear Wiki, Biography, Age

William Shackel is a 16-year-old boy who was born in 2007 in Brisbane, Australia, where he grew up. His full date of birth is unknown. His zodiac sign and religion are also unknown. He is a Year 11 IB student continuing his education at Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) since January 2019.

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William Shackel Parents, siblings

William Shackel was born to Mr. Shackel (father) and Mrs. Shackel (mother), but the full names of his parents are unknown. Information about his brothers is also unknown.

william shackell’s girlfriend

William Shackel is not married. He is not yet of age. Their relationship status is unknown.

William Shackell’s career


William Shackel has 2 experiences with Brisbane City Council and another graphic design company.

He has work experience in project planning at Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists.

William was a member of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council on Brisbane City Council.

He has 2 years of public speaking experience in Nuclear for Australia and another company.

He has skills in video editing, youth entrepreneurship, Microsoft Word, Adobe Premiere pro, Microsoft PowerPoint, and leadership.

Honors & Awards

  • 2nd in UN Youth Senior (QLD) – December 2022
  • Responsible Leaders Challenge Runner-up – November 2022
  • Academic Excellence – October 2022
  • QLD Simpson Award Winner – March 2022
  • 1st Junior Competition (QLD U16) – October 2021
  • William Young Memorial Award – October 2021
  • 2nd place in the Gen community category [in] Innovation Challenge – May 2021
  • QLD 1st Place Ethics Olympiad (Team) – November 2020
  • Academic Excellence – October 2020
  • 2nd place in UN Youth Voice QLD (Junior) – November 2019
  • Academic Excellence – October 2019
  • JB Adams Adams Memorial Leadership Award – October 2019


  • International Baccalaureate student Since November 2022
  • He has been a member of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition since October 2022.


  • William is the founder of Nuclear For Australia since November 2022 in Brisbane.
  • Brisbane Youth Careers Showcase affiliate since August 2022.
  • It is linked to ‘Together They Showed the World’ from November 2021.
  • William was associated with Allerscan from January 2021 to December 2021.
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Licenses and certificates

William won a bronze award at the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards – Australia in February 2022.


  • Fundraiser for Shave for a Cure 2021 and Shave for a Cure 2022.
  • Since June 2021, he has been volunteering as a mentor at the Anglican Church High School (Churchie).
  • He has been an Interactor at Rotary International since February 2023.
  • William has been volunteering as a Student2Student Reading Buddy since April 2023.


  • Founder of Nuclear for Australia
  • Member of the Mayor’s Advisory Council for Youth from February 2022 to October 2022
  • Work experience at Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists from June 2021 to July 2021.


William Shackel Nationality, Ethnicity

William has Australian citizenship. His nationality is unknown.

William Shackell Net Worth

William Shackell’s net worth is unknown.


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