Dead by Daylight Update: 7.1.0 Full Patch Notes: Get the Latest Updates!

Dead by Daylight Update: 7.1.0 Full Patch Notes: Discover the latest Dead by Daylight update, version 7.1.0, with extensive patch notes and exciting gameplay improvements. Discover Singularity Killer perks, bot AI improvements, and bug fixes that add depth and excitement to this asymmetric multiplayer horror game.

Dead by day

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer survival horror game developed by Behavior Interactive, in which players play one-on-four matches. In this asymmetric game, one player takes on the role of the killer, while the other four players take on the roles of survivors. The goal of the survivors is to avoid the trial by fixing the generators scattered around the map to start the exit doors.

On the other hand, the Slayer’s goal is to capture and impale the Survivors on sacrificial hooks in order to appease the malevolent force known as the Entity. The game offers an exciting experience as the Survivors must work together to outwit the Slayer, using different movement options such as sprinting, walking, crouching or crawling, while trying to avoid detection.

Each assassin possesses a unique power, adding variety to the gameplay. Survivors can also find useful items in chests to help them escape. The tension is further heightened by the Slayer’s terror radius indicating their proximity and heartbeats that grow louder as they get closer.

Dead by Daylight Update: 7.1.0 Full Patch Notes

Update 7.1.0, part of the End Transmission chapter, is now available for Dead by Daylight. This update brings significant bug fixes, balancing improvements, and improvements to certain aspects of the game. One of the main highlights is the improvements applied to the Singularity Killer. Players have previously expressed concerns about the lack of dynamism and gameplay limitations of this assassin, and the update aims to address these issues.

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Additionally, the patch introduces improvements to bots’ AI behavior. Bots now approach goals and objectives differently, giving players a more challenging experience. Furthermore, the update fixes the “For Humans” perk, which was incorrectly causing the durability effect originally intended for the “Made For This” perk.

Dead by Daylight Update: 7.1.0 Patch Notes



EMP chests per map reduced from 5 to 4. EMP generation time increased from 90 to 100 seconds. Survivors are now slowed by 10% while charging EMP. EMP recharge time increased from 2.0 to 2.5 seconds. Capsule disable duration (from EMP) reduced from 60 to 45 seconds. Removed event score caps for Assimilation, Teleportation, and Teleportation Strikes. Increased points for Assimilation and Teleportation from 200 to 250.

Error corrections


  • Fixed an issue where the Slipstream Teleport sfx was missing at the beginning of the animation.


  • Robots are less likely to follow paths that start towards the Slayer who is chasing him. Slaves using the Scavenger perk and affected by a repair speed penalty can now prioritize other targets over working on the Generator. Slaves have read the previous Patch Notes and now correctly distinguish between Survivor and Special items.


  • When you look away after performing a Lock On on a Survivor, The Singularity can no longer Slipstream teleport to another Survivor. The face melting effect no longer plays the second time a Survivor is killed by The Singularity. The Auras of Perks and perks are no longer visible when the Biopod is controlled as The Singularity. The suffix is ​​no longer missing when viewing and switching to The Singularity when already inside the Biopod.


  • Fixed an issue where part of the surviving woman’s face was distorted when interacting with a Jigsaw box. Fixed an issue that caused the assassin’s animation to be off-center and misaligned when playing as The Cenobite and performing a lunge attack, resulting in the arm completely disappearing during the animation.


Dvarka Deepwood – Toba Landing

  • The fog on the map has been increased to improve visibility, making it less cluttered when looking into the distance. Desaturation of some plants for better legibility of the environment.
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  • For people
  • Healing a survivor to a healthy state no longer incorrectly applies the stamina effect from the Made For This perk.
  • The decisive blow
  • The survivor camera no longer sometimes gets stuck on the Slayer.
  • A troubleshooting tool
  • Correctly applies yellow aura to generators.


  • On PlayStation 4, using a keyboard and controller at the same time during gameplay no longer crashes. On Nintendo Switch, leaving the console running on an error message for an extended period of time no longer crashes the game.

user interface

  • On consoles, the cursor no longer disappears after repeatedly failing to enter a valid code in the Redeem Code store popup. The tooltip style for the hidden perk has been changed. Fixed an issue where the name of the watched player would not appear when returning to spectator mode. Fixed an issue where incorrect values ​​were being displayed for challenge progress. Fixed an issue where the add-on text overlaps with the search bar in the inventory. Fixed an issue where Rift fragment rewards were displayed in red.


  • Zombies no longer stop spawning when Nemesis uses “Tyrant Gore” and “Depleted Ink Ribbon”. Survivors wearing a cursed slayer item can now properly complete interactions with glyphs. Ghost Face can no longer rely on all vaults The main building in Toba Landing.

Level design

  • Fixed an issue that caused the character to rummage through the cabinet in Garden of Joy.
  • Fixed an issue where a character could get stuck near a gas station building.
  • Fixed issues where Singularity biopods could be placed in areas where Survivors could not deactivate them.
  • Fixed an issue where Survivors were rummaging through Treatment Theater lockers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nurse could blink under the Temple in Sanctum of Wrath.
  • Fixed an issue where a pallet would break through a door frame in Shattered Square.
  • Fixed an issue on the Dead Dawg Saloon where the killer could place his powers on small fences.
  • Fixed an issue where The Nightmare was unable to place dream traps on top of the gallows in the Dead Dawg Lounge.
  • Fixed an issue on the Toba landing map where the Demogorgon could land on top of a cliff.
  • Fixed an issue in Mother’s House where the character could not move between two assets.
  • Fixed an issue where a pallet could pass through property in the Raccoon City Police Station.
  • Fixed an issue where Nightmare could not place dream traps on the surface of landmarks on the Temple of Purgation map.
  • Fixed an issue on the Garden Of Joy map where players could climb to the top of the pallet.
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Game Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight offers an immersive, spine-tingling gaming experience. As a Survivor, players must work together with their team to repair generators, power up exit doors, and escape the clutches of a deadly assassin. Survivor movements include running, walking, crouching, and crawling, allowing them to avoid the Slayer’s line of sight and effectively hide. During the trial, they must keep track of the Killer’s terror radius and heart rate, which indicate the proximity of danger.

On the other hand, playing the Slayer role requires a strategic approach to hunting and capturing Survivors. Each assassin possesses a unique power, which gives them special abilities to track, capture and eliminate their prey. The Slayer’s goal is to impale the Survivors on sacrificial hooks to satisfy the Entity. Matches are full of tension and suspense as the Survivors try to outwit the Slayer, using their wits and the environment to their advantage.

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