Deaf dog named Solo roamed the streets for 11 years and is now happy

A dog named Solo is wondering in Los Angeles. The dog spent the day on the street.

When the dog was 11 years old, it was sick and old. He became completely deaf.

Living outdoors was tough for Solo. The dog came to the first apartment building and sat on the threshold.

It was as if he was waiting for the owner of the house. When the owner of the house came out, she saw the dog in a hopeless state.

She called the rescuers to come and retrieve the dog. She wanted to put the dog in a shelter because it was in bad condition.

For almost 1.5 years, the poor dog was taken away by various families, but it was brought back to the shelter. The shelter staff did not understand why the dog was behaving this way.

A woman named Messina noticed an image of a sad dog on social media. She rushed to the shelter to adopt the dog.

She gave love and care to the dog. The dog begins to feel happy even though it is quite difficult for him at first. The dog is afraid of his surroundings.

She quickly adjusted to her new life and the dog became happy. It’s never too late to make the animals that need to be happy.

The woman who treats the dog is very caring and pays a lot of attention to it because the dog is scared when someone comes near.

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