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Deepak Parashar

Deepak Parashar is an Indian film actor and former model who mainly appeared in Hindi films and television series. In 1976, he won the title of Mr. India/Prince of India. In 2006, he participated in the first season of the reality TV show Bigg Boss which aired on Sony TV.


Deepak Parashar aka Deepak Vishwanath Parashar was born on Wednesday 2nd April 1952 in Mumbai state (now Maharashtra), India Trabang) Pune (71 years; as of 2023). His zodiac sign is Aries.

Deepak Parashar's childhood photos with his sister

Deepak Parashar’s childhood photos with his sister

He attended St. Edwards School, Shimla. He did his graduation from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and later studied at PGDAV College, Delhi University. After that, he studied hotel management course at the Oberoi Intercontinental Hotel, Delhi.


Height (approximately): 6′0”

Hair color: black

Eye color: brown

Photos of Deepak Parashar


Parents and siblings

Deepak Parashar’s father’s name is Vishvanath Parashar and his mother’s name is Shobha Parashar. His father served in the Indian Army. He has two brothers namely Daleep Parashar and Mukesh Parashar. His sister’s name is Sunita.

Deepak Parashar and his mother

Deepak Parashar and his mother

Deepak Parashar's father

Deepak Parashar’s father

Dailip Parashar (brother of Deepak Parashar)

Dailip Parashar (brother of Deepak Parashar)

deepak paratha's sister

deepak paratha’s sister

wife and children

Deepak Parashar married Sarita in 1985 and they have a daughter, Radhika. Later, the couple separated.

gender identity

Deepak Parashar revealed his true self in the first season of popular reality show Bigg Boss, openly sharing his personal experiences and declaring that he is gay.


In the late 1970s, Deepak Parashar had a brief romantic relationship with an actress named Sarika Thakur.

Sarika Thakur

Sarika Thakur


Deepak Parashar follows Hinduism.


Deepak Parashar's autograph

Deepak Parashar’s autograph



Deepak Parashar became Mr. India/Prince of India in 1976 along with Nafisa Ali and Poonam Dhillon. Thereafter, he was chosen to model the famous “Only Vimal” suits of the late 1970s.

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Deepak Parashar during Vimal photo shoot

Deepak Parashar during Vimal photo shoot

This is a major achievement for him as he received the crown from famous Bollywood actors Zeenat Aman and Dev Anand. After becoming “Mr. India”, Deepak started getting many opportunities in the modeling industry and was hired to promote many top brands and appear in their advertisements.

Deepak Parashar as Mr. India

Deepak Parashar as Mr. India

Overall, Deepak’s journey from being crowned “Mr India” to becoming a successful actor in Bollywood was one of determination, learning from seasoned directors and grabbing the right opportunities. Deepak Parashar’s charming face has appeared in advertisements for Super Bazaar in the heart of New Delhi for countless seasons.



Deepak Parashar started his acting career in 1980 with the Hindi film “Insaaf Ka Tarazu”. He plays the role of Ashok Sharma in this film.

insaf ka tarazu movie poster

insaf ka tarazu movie poster

He has also worked with experienced actors in films such as Aap To Aise Na The (1980), Pyar Ki Manzil (1981), Sannata (1981), Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge (1986), Awam (1987), Padosi Ki Biwi (1988) ), Khooni Murdaa (1989), Aaja Re O Sajna (1994), Aaj Ka Maseeha (1995), Barood (1998), Hai Kaun Woh (1999), Champion (2000), Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke (2004) and Jaise Kani Waisi Barni (2007). In 1982, he became popular for his role as Wasim Ahmed in the film “Nikaah”. His film “Nikaah” was initially titled “Talaq Talaq Talaq” but the title was changed due to objections from some members of the Muslim community.

Deepak Parashar stars in Hindi film Nikaah

Deepak Parashar stars in Hindi film Nikaah


In 1983, he made a film called Achha Bura; Hrishikesh Mukherjee was the director of this film. He participated in a competition called Co-Producer, which had previously launched the career of a superstar named Rajesh Khanna. Deepak won the competition, which opened up more opportunities for him in the film industry.


Deepak Parashar started his journey as an assistant director or second unit director in 1977 with the film ‘Bhumika’. Before working on “Bhumika”, Deepak Parashar honed his craft as an assistant director on the critically acclaimed 1974 film “Ankur”. He continued his commitment to storytelling as an assistant director on the 1975 film Nishant. Deepak’s success in the modeling industry attracted the attention of Bollywood, the Indian film industry. He started his journey in Bollywood as an assistant director and worked on iconic films like “Bhumika”, “Nishant” and “Ankur”. Through these experiences, Deepak had the opportunity to work closely with talented directors like Shyam Benegal. This helped him understand all the details of directing a film. After that, he started receiving offers to star in movies.

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Deepak Parashar has had a successful career in films and has entertained the audiences with his talent in various television shows. These notable works include “Aandhiyan” (1993), “Raat Ki Pukar” (1994), “Swaabhimaan” (1995), “Tamanna” (1997), “Rishtey” (2000) and “Neem Neem Shahad Shahad” (2011) .

Deepak Parashar to star in TV series

Deepak Parashar to star in TV series “Swabhimaan”


  • Cast: Zeenat, Rekha and Rakhi
  • Sports: swimming, skiing, skating and badminton


  • Deepak Parashar is the first Mr. India title winner.
  • Deepak Parashar is an avid pet lover.
    Deepak Parashar and pet dog

    Deepak Parashar and pet dog

  • After a life-changing event leads to major upheaval in his personal life, Deepak Parashar finds himself filming B-movies. During this time he explored the world of cinema and took roles in films that were not within the usual mainstream. These films allowed him to express his creativity and helped him grow as an artist.
  • Deepak Parashar considered joining the army, as his father had served in the Indian Army, or possibly applying for a job in an airline company. However, he mentioned that fate had other plans for me as he ended up becoming a model. Eventually, he turned to acting.
  • In an interview, Deepak Parashar’s favorite singer is Mohammad Rafi.
  • Deepak Parashar once said that he would never forget how fate brought him to the Ashoka Hotel in Delhi. He sees a line of girls auditioning for Miss Delhi and is surprised to see boys auditioning for Mr. Delhi too. Although it wasn’t his turn, he joined the queue, met the judges, and auditioned. After winning the title of Mr. Delhi, he flew to Mumbai to compete in the finals and became Mr. India. This win opened doors for him in Mumbai and brought him recognition and good reputation.
  • Deepak Parashar once said that he married a fan named Sarita. They have a daughter named Radhika. When Radhika was 5 months old, they were invited to Dubai to attend a film event where she would be honored. While in Dubai, he took a boat trip but unfortunately, a terrible accident happened on board. Two people traveling with him were killed and he was seriously injured. He was rushed to hospital and after many efforts, was finally rescued and brought back to India a few days later.
  • Deepak Parashar has said that in just three years, everything changed for him. He has a great personality but is now confined to a wheelchair. His celebrity life was also ruined. After the accident, his wife left him, leaving him to take care of his daughter alone. However, his parents have been supportive throughout this challenging time. It took him three years to recover from the accident. Unfortunately, in those three years, Bollywood has forgotten about him and many new faces have taken his place.
  • He served as the brand ambassador for Reliance-owned Vimal Suitings for three years.
    Deepak Parashar as Vimal Advertisement

    Deepak Parashar as Vimal Advertisement

  • Deepak Parashar was crowned Mr. Delhi by Simi Grewal.
    Deepak Parashar crowned Mr Delhi by Simi Grewal

    Deepak Parashar crowned Mr Delhi by Simi Grewal

  • Deepak Parashar was awarded the prestigious Hall of Fame Award by CINTAA in 2023.
    Deepak Parashar receives Hall of Fame award

    Deepak Parashar receives Hall of Fame award

  • Deepak Parashar prefers non-vegetarian food to vegetarian food in his diet.
    Pictures from Deepak Sharma's Instagram post

    Pictures from Deepak Sharma’s Instagram post

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