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at midnight is a bicultural love story from Paramount+ filled with sincerity, humor and romance. The film stars Diego Boneta as Alejandro and Monica Barbaro as Sophie Wilder, who starred in The two met at a boutique beachfront hotel managed by Alejandro after watching a superhero movie. Directed by Jonah Feingold from a script by Feingold, Maria Hinojos and Giovanni Botta, at midnightThe film’s compelling story and use of Mexico as a character in the protagonists’ budding relationship set it apart from other romantic comedies while displaying all the timeless hallmarks of the genre.

Although many things make at midnight What makes this romantic comedy so enjoyable and worth watching again and again is the chemistry between the film’s leads, with Diego Boneta’s contribution going beyond his performance as an actor. Boneta also produced the film, helping it get off the ground and shape into its final look. at midnight This is only the second major project Boneta has produced, the first being the hit musical Luis Miguel: Seriesin which he also starred.

Diego Boneta interviewed screen roar how at midnight become.

diego boneta at midnight

Screen Rant: You are both a producer and an actor on this film. I’d love to hear how this came together and what made you want to be involved, both in the development process and on camera.

Diego Boneta: It’s a crazy story.The time goes back to the end of the first quarter of 2018 Luis Miguel, which was the first project I made. I had an all-hands meeting with Paramount thinking they would pitch me projects to star in, but the first thing they asked me was what was next on my slate.I panicked and lied and said I had a great romantic comedy notting hill, Because this is one of my favorite romantic comedies, set in Mexico. [I said]”It’s a bicultural love story between an actress and a man living in Mexico.” I told them I would have a script ready for them within a week.

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I left the meeting, I called my producing partners – who were trying to kill me – and they met at my house. We might not come up with an idea for a movie until four or five in the morning. We were just brainstorming like crazy.We came up with a one-page pager [which] We sent it to a writer friend of ours who was house-sitting at the time. We told him, “Giovanni, we’ll give you the espresso you need, [but] We need this in a week. “He came up with a great script, Paramount bought it and we started developing it pretty quickly.

A lot of different writers, filmmakers got involved [too]; There were many drafts of the script. It wasn’t until we met Jonah Feingold, our director…that he really took what he was doing and took it to the next level.we watched his movies Dating and New York; we all loved [it]. We think this is a very fresh romantic comedy; we haven’t seen anything like it. Jonah wanted to capitalize on the fact that – he said, “I’ve never seen a Hollywood romantic comedy filmed in Mexico.” Cities play such an important role in these romantic comedies. Midnight in Paris, sleeplessness in Seattle—— You watch these movies and you want to go there.

All of these stories have to do with narcos, drugs and drug trafficking in Mexico. As a Mexican, [I know] That’s not all Mexico has to offer. Mexico is much more than that.

Jonah and I said, “We have to do a chemistry read.” Jonah really pushed for that and said the most important thing was the chemistry between the two leads. We met and read about a lot of very talented actresses, but it wasn’t until we met Monica who blew us away that we said, “Wow, this is it.” Monica was so passionate about this story, [and] figure, [and had] So many great ideas.

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We all went to Mexico City [and] Stayed there for a week. I wanted to show them the beauty, restaurants, art, nightlife and people of Mexico City, and Jonah perfected the script. He really did an incredible job; he wanted it to have a bit of a magical realism feel – a bit of a fairy tale, but also an homage and ode to classic ’90s romantic comedies.

[Then], we just started casting the movie.we are lucky [in] Winning Outstanding Actors: Anders Holm, Whitney Cummings, Kathy Thomas Brown, who attended with me father of the bride, [and] Cat Cohen. Then, [we were lucky in] Have an excellent production team. This is the first film I have produced under my own production company. I wanted to be the person with the least experience on set.We met Fred Berger, who produced la la land; He came on board, which was great.I also invited Michel Franco, who is an incredible Mexican filmmaker, who directed me new order, The film won the 2020 Venice Film Festival. He also produced it, so it’s almost like the best Mexican movie and the best Hollywood movie.

About midnight

Monica Barbaro as Sophie and Diego Boneta as Alejandro in

“Midnight” is a charming romantic comedy centered around ambitious hotel managers Alejandro (Diego Boneta, “Father of the Bride”) and Sophie (Monica Barbaro, “Top Gun” : Maverick”), a movie star who is comfortable navigating Hollywood politics. He focused on opening his own boutique hotel. She’s trying to focus on filming her new superhero movie, Super Society 3, in hopes of getting her own spin-off, but instead discovers her co-star (and boyfriend!) Adam (Anders Holm, “How to Be Single”) ) cheating. Fate struck when filming took them all to Alejandro’s hotel in Mexico. Although Alejandro and Sophie lead very different lives, they begin to meet secretly in the middle of the night…

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at midnight It will be released on Paramount+ on February 10.

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