Disney Confirms When Spider-Man: Homecoming Takes Place, Corrects 6 Year Old MCU Timeline Mistake

When Spider-Man: Back home The timeline that takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been officially confirmed by Disney. Spiderman The movie starring Tom Holland was released in July 2017, but it hasn’t appeared in Disney+’s MCU content collection for the past few years. This is because Spider-Man: Back home Produced by Sony with help from Marvel Studios, the streaming rights to the film will go elsewhere. The fact that the film is long-awaited on Disney’s streaming service not only means that audiences have a great chance to see it, but it also means that Spider-Man: Back home Get an official location on the MCU timeline.

Disney+ offers subscribers multiple ways to view the MCU movies and shows that are available to stream, including in order of viewing the MCU’s timeline. Spider-Man: Back homeThe MCU timeline schedule for, is now officially confirmed to take place on black Panther And Sorcerer Supreme Based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Timeline Order menu.

in spite of Spider-Man: Back home was released before black Panther but then Sorcerer Supremeits MCU timeline placement is correct across all accounts. solo movie takes place two months later Captain America: Civil WarBringing the event into 2016. black Panther Occurs shortly after T’Chaka .’s death civil warin spite of Sorcerer SupremeThe events run until 2017. This means Spider-Man: Back homeThe MCU timeline points are correct.

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s MCU timeline layout ignores its biggest mistake

Disney’s irony confirms exactly when Spider-Man: Back home The biggest mistake with the MCU’s timeline is that it skipped the movies. The popular film opens with a flashback after the Battle of New York, in which Adrian Toomes cleans up the mess before the damage control system renders him disabled. The scene took place in 2012, that’s why many people were surprised to see it Spider-Man: Back homeThe title card 8 years later seems to redirect viewers from this scene to Peter Parker’s current life in the MCU.

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There’s been a lot about timeline errors Spider-Man: Back home Including, a lot of blame on Sony. However, the film is still co-produced with Marvel Studios, which means Kevin Feige and the rest of the MCU team have also omitted details. Spider-Man: Back home happened 8 years later The Avengers Breaking the MCU’s timeline. That means the solo movie takes place in 2020 (four years later than it is now) or The Avengers Two years earlier than expected in 2010.

Although MCU directors Anthony and Joe Russo have acknowledged the error, neither Sony nor Marvel Studios have attempted to fix it. Unlike many other MCU timeline errors, Spider-Man: Back home May be updated at any time to accurately record “4 years later”. Instead, the studio chose to continue to ignore the error, which Spider-Man: Back homeThe MCU timeline layout reappears.

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