You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the SIX animals hiding in this cluttered garden

You DO have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot six animals hiding in a messy garden.

This tricky brain teaser was created by Hiatt Hardware to challenge your problem solving skills.


Can you find the six animals hidden in this messy garden? Credit: Hiatt Hardware

The image shows a family garden with two seating areas and many scattered plants and shrubs.

A family is preparing a barbecue at home with children playing in the garden and one on a swing.

You have to try to find six animals hidden in the image.

There are many aspects of the garden, and even the house, where they could hide.

The busy image takes you out of your head because there is a lot going on in the garden.

And the animals are scattered everywhere, but try to think of the best places to hide in the garden.

If you find this mind-boggling puzzle too difficult, you can find the answer below.

If you can’t get enough, try to find Barbie in this sea of ​​cleaning crews.

Or if you have an eye for detail, try to spot the differences between these giraffes.

And this optical illusion will reveal whether you are too much of a people lover or a lover of drama…

Animals were scattered everywhere.


Animals were scattered everywhere Credit: Hiatt Hardware

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