IMAGE. Puppies with unique appearance and deformity step by step receive all the love and care it deserves

No one will understand what really happened to this dog. The vet said it was clear the dog had been horribly abused. Maybe she’s been beaten all her life.

The puppy is two years old and weighs only 20 kg. The puppy has no nostrils, no jawbone. Difficulty moving due to leg and back injuries. Before all these health problems, he suffered from severe psychological trauma.

Couple Stephanie Paquin, the principal manager and founder of Passion Four Pits, and her husband, Mike Fleury, are at the Orange County shelter looking to adopt a dog like they usually do.

The shelter founders wanted to know if they wanted to adopt a special puppy. The couple were told about the puppy’s strange and pitiful appearance, but Paquin still enjoyed watching it and was surprised when he saw the dog. The dog was in a very good mood even though he overcame the difficulties.

The dog’s name is Khalessi. The dog is very happy and naughty when it wags its tail to show fun and curiosity. He seemed to feel that he was saved and adopted by people like this.

The puppy who is staying with Stephanie has been taken care of and fully recovered. She will never be put up for adoption, and he will receive treatment and undergo many medical procedures and courses.

The dog is very energetic and at the same time the bravest of the dogs in the shelter. Everyone who sees a puppy feels the joy that a puppy radiates.

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