Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa reveals ‘battle’ behind-the-scenes on Netflix’s Sex Education: ‘It wasn’t always joyous’

Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa has shared his candid thoughts on the hit series Sex Education, in which he won widespread acclaim for his breakout role as Eric. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the actor revealed that the show “wasn’t always fun.”

He explained: “It was tough; it was a big show. When you tell stories that you’ve never seen before, there’s always a struggle about how to tell them. It’s not always fun. I felt like we were bigger than him and gave him everything we could… That quickly led me to the downsides of this industry. telling me that white people wouldn’t understand my character, Eric, that pissed me off. There’s a whole show that white people can understand.”

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He continued: “The trajectory of my life changed in 2018 5 years ago. And that’s one thing. It was a very fast train. I’m still trying to understand what happened then, but… now the train of the past sped up in 2011… The actors chose this job to hide behind our characters and now suddenly you’re the center of the stage… you just focus on your work.The side of fame can be distracting.

Emma Mackay, who plays Maeve in the Netflix series, also revealed that she “goodbye” to her character after season 4, explaining, “Season 5? I just finished season 4 last week! No, I don’t think I’ll be in season 5. Said goodbye to Maeve alone.” Meanwhile, the series has confirmed that the fourth season will be the last.

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© BBCNcuti Gatwa will play the new doctor

The star also opened up about his long-awaited role as the Doctor, replacing Jodie Whittaker (after the three-episode special in which David Tennant will reprise his role as the Time Travel Lord. ).

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Talking about his version of the Doctor personality, he explained: “My Doctor is emotionally vulnerable. He covers it up with humor, but he’s lonely. I can’t tell. more than that, I don’t want to reveal anything. But he’s also full of energy! The poor cameramen struggled to keep up.”

do not listen© Photo: Netflix The actor who plays Eric in the hit Netflix series

Ncuti also talked about the similarities he saw between himself and the Doctor, as he fled Rwanda as a child to escape the genocide of the Tutsi minority. “This person survived the genocide,” he explained. “This person fits anywhere and everywhere. I’m the Doctor. The Doctor is me. I decided I had to take on the role.”

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